New York City Punks GOOD THINGS Release New Album ‘Heaven Is Yours’ Out Now

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Good Things is a punk rock band from NYC, consisting of some friends who love making music and telling stories together. Coming from different musical backgrounds, GT blends elements of punk, hardcore, indie, and alternative, creating a complex listening experience. The band’s debut release “Heaven Is Yours” is a concept EP detailing a short story of love and death, wrapping the listener’s ears in its grip and holding on tight with hard-hitting instrumentation and crushing vocals. The story is just beginning.

Guitarist/vocalist Cameron Sacchet says, “Heaven Is Yours is a concept EP about love and death. It was actually written backwards, with the title track at the end of the record written first, and then writing the rest building up to it. We mixed a bunch of different styles by just writing what we wanted to write and had fun with it.”


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