News ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Actor ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Actor John Dugan Was Diagnosed With Cancer and Needs Our Helpn Dugan Was Diagnosed With Cancer and Needs Our Help


We like to think of the horror community as one big extended family, which sometimes means helping each other out when the going gets tough. This week, we’ve learned that John Dugan, who memorably played “Grandpa” in the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre and then reprised the role, years later, in Texas Chainsaw 3D, is in need of a hand after a cancer diagnosis.

John’s wife, Stacey Boand Dugan, relays his recent health troubles…

“As some of you may already know, a little over a month ago my husband John Dugan, who portrayed Grandpa in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, was diagnosed with oral cancer, with a malignant tumor growing in the floor of his mouth. Initially it appeared it was going to be a routine resection with no further treatment outside of surgery needed.

Unfortunately, a CT showed the tumor had embedded itself in his jaw, and had spread to one of his lymph nodes, making a more complicated surgery and radiation necessary.

Friday July 27th, John had surgery to remove the tumor, part of his jaw, and his lymph nodes, and his fibula was used to reconstruct his jaw. The surgery was considered successful, and the goal was for him to be released last Wednesday. He was not discharged until Friday evening. 

Once we arrived home, within an hour his incision was bleeding, and we were heading back to the hospital, where they did a second surgery to open the incision and clean out a fistula and replace a tracheostomy that was not functioning properly, causing him to have trouble breathing.  They are keeping him a few more days for observation and to treat him with IV antibiotics.

The people I work for have been incredible, allowing me to take the time I need to stay with him in the hospital and eventually transition him home. However, I only started the job in February, so I only had a couple of PTO days, the rest have been unpaid leave. 

John and I are not ones to ask for financial assistance, even when things get rough. However, with close to two weeks being unpaid, possibly more depending on when they discharge him, we are asking our friends and horror family to help give us a boost with our living and medical expenses during these next few lean weeks. We love all of you, and any assistance, be it sharing this page or donating, will be greatly appreciated.”

If you’re interested in lending a hand, you can do so over on Go Fund Me.


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