Next ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Film Will Likely Reboot Once Again


Of all the big horror franchises, Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘s continuity is unquestionably the wackiest. After four films, the original was remade in 2003, which was then given a prequel three years later. After that, we got a sequel to the original movie with Texas Chainsaw 3D, which then got its own prequel with this year’s Leatherface.

So what’s next for the big guy with the chainsaw? Will we be seeing another film in the timeline that thus far includes The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Texas Chainsaw 3D and Leatherface? That suddenly seems unlikely, as Campbell Grobman Films/Millennium Films – the companies responsible for resurrecting Leatherface for the latter two films – have lost the rights.

Christa Campbell was just asked by a fan if we’d be seeing a sequel to this year’s film…

I loved this film and I’m very proud,” Campbell tweeted. “Unfortunately because of the time it took to release it we lost the rights sadly… so no .. not from us at least.”

Previously, we had learned that Campbell Grobman had the rights to make FIVE Chainsaw films, but it sounds like things have changed in that department. We can only assume that the franchise, when it’s ready to come back, won’t be continuing the story of Leatherface that Campbell Grobman/Millennium have been telling in recent years.

Maybe not the worst thing, as most fans haven’t been digging the direction.

Campbell Grobman Films produced both Texas Chainsaw 3D and Leatherface alongside Millennium Films. The two were released by Lionsgate.


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