Ozzy Osbourne and family to launch podcast series



Ozzy Osbourne and his family will launch a podcast next month, where they’ll look back at their hit MTV show The Osbournes.

The glimpse into the lives of Ozzy, wife Sharon and their children Kelly and Jack, first aired in 2002 and ran for 52 episodes over four seasons.

The Osbournes Podcast’s 10-week run will begin on March 5, and will feature the family discussing the programme, with special guests also dropping in for a chat.

Confirmed so far are comedian Sheryl Underwood, TV host Carnie Wilson and executive producer of the show, Greg Johnston.

Jack Osbourne, who will host the podcast, tells The Hollywood Reporter: “There’s been talk about bringing The Osbournes back, but it would never work. I thought, ‘Well, this is probably the next best thing.’”

He adds: “Everyone is really open and honest about a lot of things. It’s pretty candid.”

Speaking about the programme in 2014, Ozzy told The Times-Picayune: “It was a TV show which was a good idea that went fucking out of control. The no.1 mistake I made was having it filmed in the house I lived in, instead of a reproduction studio where I could go every day and come home.

“You have camera crews living in your garage 24/7 for three years – anybody would go fucking crazy at the end of it.”

New episodes of the podcast will be released every Monday.

Ozzy’s No More Tours 2 live shows will get underway from May. Find a full list of dates below.

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