Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament releases new video for Safe In The Car


1. The Noise the Noise
2. The Door
3. Safe in the Car
4. Hyperphagia
5. Drugs
6. Moment of Impact
7. The Voices
8. Somewhere
9. Are you Truing?
10. Choose Your Colour
11. Only One

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament’s solo project Ament have launched a video for the track Safe In The Car.

The track, featuring his Pearl Jam bandmates Matt Cameron and Mike McCready, with additional vocals provided by Angel Olsen, will appear on the upcoming album Heaven/Hell which launches on May 10 via Monkeywrench Records.

The video was produced by Greg Twigg along with director of photography Mark Shogren and sees Ament driving through a series of natural disasters, extreme weather conditions and post-apocalyptic landscapes.

Ament tells Rolling Stone: “I was seeing Cormac McCarthy’s The Road – you’re driving to the coast and you’re trying to get away from the nuclear winter and you have your dogs in the car and you’re just trying to escape this horrible apocalypse that just happened.

“The directors asked me what I wanted the video to look like and the first thing that came to mind was grindhouse.

“I always loved the super high-contrast, dark look of that. It’s the world coming to an end and trying to have a sense of humour about it.”

Ament’s Heaven/Hell is now available for pre-order from Pearl Jam’s website.


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