Perfect Trailer Edit Turns ‘Ghostbusters’ into a Straight Up Horror Movie


I ain’t afraid of no ghosts. Except library ghost. She’s terrifying.

We often cover Ghostbusters happenings here on Bloody Disgusting, which sometimes rubs some horror fans the wrong way. We realize it’s more of a comedy within a horror movie set-up than it is a straight up horror movie, but let’s be real here: there’s some scary shit in that original film!

The “library ghost” scene was one of the scariest things to me as a kid, and that whole sequence still creeps me out to this day. If you’re asking me, there’s more than enough scary stuff going on in the 1984 classic to warrant it being called a horror film.

But what if all the comedy was completely removed from the proceedings?

That’s the question answered by Mashable’s new “Ghostbusters as a slasher flick” edit, which turns one of the most beloved comedies of all time into a serious horror movie. As an added bonus, the retro trailer remix has a “VHS grain” filter placed over it. Cause why the hell not?!


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