Photo Preview: Mercedes Carrera To Be A Regular On ‘The Gavin McInnes Show’


Mercedes Carrera is not your typical porn star. She’s not only one of the busiest performers, she is also a hot commodity due to her social commentaries. So it should be no surprise that Mercedes is being tapped as a regular on the The Gavin McInnes Show.  Mercedes proves that not all porn stars lean to the left. From Gamer Gate to Planned Parenthood, controversial or not, the outspoken beauty can always be counted on to speak her mind. And what better place to do that than on Gavin’s show.

“I’m excited to be a new regularly appearing guest on the Gavin McInnes show on the Anthony Cumia Network! Gavin’s show is a great place to have fun, and break some social norms while he delivers piercing societal commentary.” said Mercedes.

Fans can tune in to hear Mercedes Mondays and Thursdays at 9:30pm EST/7:30 PST  []

Solo Vibes Music just ran a fantastic interview with Mercedes. The piece covers a wide array of topics and is definitely worth a read. []

Some of Mercedes’ recent releases include: Cheating Housewives (Zero Tolerance), Cute & Curvy 2,(DreamZone) and Mother Exchange 4 (Sweet Sinner)

Don’t forget to cast your vote for Mercedes in the Best New Starlet category in 2015 NightMoves awards.

The 23rd Annual NightMoves Awards will be held on Sunday, Oct. 11 at the Tampa Gold Club, 6222 E. Adamo Drive. The event honors the Adult Industry’s top films, filmmakers, and stars, as voted by fans.

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