Predatory Bird Film ‘Teratorn’ Will Be “Jaws in the Sky”


The beak. The wings. The whole damn thing.

While Kevin Smith seeks financing for Moose Jaws, which will essentially be Jaws on land, Tracking Board reports tonight that up-and-comer Brent Ryan Green (The Veil) has been tapped to direct a film being described as “Jaws in the sky.” It’s titled Teratorn, the name derived from an extinct group of giant predatory birds.

The grounded-in-reality film, penned by E. Niemi, “follows a professor with a fear of heights who teams up with his ex-wife and estranged daughter to defeat an apex predator long thought extinct on a mountainous tropical island.”

Tracking Board notes that “Josh Moses of Universal Writers Management is shopping the spec, which has garnered some interest around town, with a deal said to be imminent.”


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