Adult superstar and Sweden’s most famous adult star Puma Swede is happy to announce that she is opening her first restaurant in Sweden – ”Puma  Burger” – the final week of October. The restaurant is located in a prime location of Lilla Torget in the city of Malmo.  Puma is partnering with an experienced restaurateur and has high hopes for success.  The Europeanpress is already ”eating” up the concept with a number of stories such as:http://bit.ly/2ySSDoa, http://bit.ly/2yshSg7, http://bit.ly/2x6LtrQ

Of the new restaurant, Puma says: ”We are focusing on gourmet style burgers and are hard at work creating an awesome menu and tasty burgers!  Just wait until you see the names of the burgers ha ha! I did have to contain myself from the craziest names since the restaurant will be family friendly!  The premier weekend is last weekend of October and we are planning a huge Halloween theme with costumes.  I can’t wait to open the doors for business. I am learning the restaurant business and adding my personal touches.”


The restaurant continues Puma’s growing varied business empire. She has an established sex toy line of dildos and vibrators and just released a new torso and butt (available in stores with a new online store in the works). She also recently completed her first ever Art Show in Stockholm Sweden (ArtByPumaSwede.com) which drew a lot of mainstream press.


Puma adds: “The press and interest in Sweden for my new restaurant has been enormous. Women are not common in the restaurant business and I hope to change that! Hopefully this will lead to more women being inspired by me. If all goes well we will open more locations and have as many Puma Burgers as Burger King in Scandinavia!”


Puma Swede can be seen via webcam at her official site Mondays (check schedule for next show). Puma’s successful autobiography “Puma Swede, My Life as a Porn Star”  (published by Lind & Co.) is available at ITunes,Amazon, in soft cover here) and in Swedish here.


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