Ruben Rabasa’s Comedy Series Rubenology Kicks off with Premiere Episode “Guanajo Guantanamera”

 Ruben Rabasa is talking turkey in “Guanajo Guantanamera”, the Thanksgiving-themed first episode of the beloved Cuban-American actor’s new online series, Rubenology.
The virtual six-part limited series, which can be seen on multiple social media platforms, treats viewers to lighthearted musings that – inspired by his ‘Rubenisms’ – hilariously reflect the legendary entertainer’s 82 years on the planet.
In “Guanajo Guantanamera”, Rabasa echoes the late, great Mr. Rogers by putting on his comfy cardigan sweater and singing the Cuban anthem “Guantanamera”, cooking a turkey and explaining to viewers how much Thanksgiving and living in the U.S.A. mean to him.
Rabasa co-wrote the series with Vanessa Garcia, which was directed by Victoria Collado and produced by Abre Camino Collective, a team of content creators who came together with the goal of redefining American storytelling in a unique new way.
A well-known character actor of over 40 years, Rabasa hit pop culture icon status when he became one of the Internet’s most-posted memes of 2019, owing to his indelible performance in Netflix comedy series I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson, playing the talkative “Focus Group Man”.
Rubenology will air weekly on YouTube, Instagram’s IGTV and at
Abre Camino Collective is a team of creators committed to redefining the American narrative through radical storytelling. Together, they co-produced the immersive hit, The Amparo Experience, and Rubenology marks their first foray into Executive Production, in collaboration with Magic City Media.
Described as La Gloria de Cuba” by Oscar-nominated actor and fellow Cuban-American, Andy Garcia, Rabasa is popular among Millennials as Focus Group Man” for his comical performance in Netflix’s I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson – which earned the actor meme of 2019” status.
Rabasa’s robust experience spans theater, radio, film, and television including years on Univision’s longest-running Spanish-language variety show, Sábado Gigante, as well as roles in major motion pictures, including The Lost City, Police Academy 5 and Amigos.
In this new chapter of his career, Rabasa looks forward to engaging his audience on a personal level.

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