Sci-Fi Horror Game ‘CryoSpace’ Announced For 2022 Release

Who wouldn’t love some sci-fi horror about now? Well, to be fair, kuklam studios’ CryoSpace won’t be coming until 2022, but hey, it’s something to look forward to. The title, which you can currently wishlist on Steam, is inspired by Alien (of course) and Philip K. Dick, and puts you in the usual situation of “person wakes up from cryosleep to find things are bad on the space station”.

But as a twist, CryoSpace cast you not as a marine or beefed up crewmember. Rather, you’re the maintenance guy. The guy who fixes the pipes.

As a result, you’ll be fending off whatever-it-is that lurks on the station with your maintenance tools. Luckily for you, there are other survivors you can track down and team up with to battle the zombies/aliens. You just have to keep them alive. That involves creating a makeshift colony of survivors in an almost derelict space station, supplying them with food, oxygen, and weapons.

Because what’s fighting for your life in space without involving a little strategy?

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