Siri Dahl Addresses Her Breast Reduction Surgery in New YouTube Video

By popular request, Siri Dahl has just released a new 26-minute video on her official YouTube channel that addresses her breast reduction surgery.
Calling it The Official Siri Dahl Ask Me Anything about My Breast Reduction’ video, detailing her personal journey nearly five years ago when she reduced her bra cup size from a H-HH to a DDD, or E sized cup. Its an obvious difference and I immediately felt better,” she said, citing neck and shoulder pain.
As a power lifter who regularly works with weights, Dahl also noticed that she could move her arms without difficulty. Any movement where my arms are moving out, down or forward – rows, deadlifts… mainly with deadlifts, its been wonderful because I can easily pick something up and Im not feeling any resistance coming from my own titties!”
She added that A lot of my fans will comment that I have a different demeanor now on camera than I did back then, and I dont know that anyone else makes the connection that its a result of my breast reduction surgery, but I would argue that it is, in fact, a result of my breast reduction surgery… and also maybe the fact that Im just older and wiser now.
I am very happy with my results. I spent years of my life struggling with my own body, struggling with the size of my breasts. I felt they were disproportionate to the rest of me, I felt they didnt represent who I feel like I am on the inside. For me, breast reduction almost like, fixed it. All I wanted was to feel like my body fits my internal assessment of myself.”
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