Spread #Tox-mas Cheers & Fears With Troma on December 17th at 9 PM at Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn


The 12 Slays of Christmas, the holiday horror anthology from 12 of the most talented minds of indie horror filmmaking, to spread holiday cheer and fear for Troma Tuesdays’ Holidays & Havoc at 9 PM on Dec. 17th at Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn!

“The 12 Slays of Christmas” is a seasonal horror anthology featuring a collection of Christmas themed horror short films! A Christmas horror anthology, 12 of the world’s leading indie horror directors bring you twelve twisted tales of terror with a yuletide twist.

“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me One Hatchet, One Bullet and a Body Bag!” Troma Entertainment and Body Bag Films proudly presents this sensational seasonal Christmas horror feature.

The segments are directed by Natalie Bailey-Trist, Dustin Ferguson, Kieran Johnston, Tony Newton, Noel J. Rainford, Joe Saulino, James Atkins, Mike Connors, Jason Figgis, Jonathan Patrick Hughes, Jason Impey, Reyna Young, Sam Mason-Bell, Kim Sønderholm

Produced by Tony Newton producer of “Grindsploitation: The Movie”, “Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels”, VHS LIVES: A Schlockumentary and 60 Seconds to Die. The film features an onslaught of indie horror film talent, this film is the latest and greatest in Christmas-themed horror!

If you think the worst thing about Christmas is the smell of your grandparents after Brussels sprouts or having the obligatory family row, you are very wrong!
The 12 Slays of Christmas is a dark horror anthology. This Christmas, Santa has something very sinister in his sack for you! Grab a mince pie and prepare the egg nog, as it may be your last! Just like a puppy, “The 12 Slays of Christmas” is not just for Christmas, but can be enjoyed all year long, perfect for Halloween, Easter and Thanksgiving too!

Troma Tuesdays has branched its weekly program that we continue to curate in New York into other countries to create a unique universal experience to be had with independent cinema around the world every Tuesday.

Fans can see 12 Slays of Christmas for ONLY $5 at 9:00 PM on Tuesday, December 17th at Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn, NYC!

ONLY $4.99 a month with the first month FREE!
Troma Entertainment continues to disrupt the media and has now broken the internet with new premiere features, shorts and exclusive bonus content on their streaming service, Troma Now!


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