Star-studded Fundraising Burlesque-Horror Party Concludes BOOBS & BLOOD Festival

FINAL DESTINATION franchise creator and horror writer JEFFREY REDDICK is inducted into BOOBS & BLOOD’S HALL OF FAME on Sat. Oct 6. Previous BOOBS & BLOOD Festival Honorees include QUENTIN TARANTINO, YUTAKA IKEJIMA and ROGER CORMAN.
“It’s an honor to recognize the influence Jeffrey Reddick’s FINAL DESTINATION franchise has had on the horror genre in general,” says festival founder Miles Flanagan. “And we wanted to celebrate his work with a horror & burlesque party like no-other. So get ready for some fun!”
The FINAL DESTINATION franchise is one of the most popular horror franchises in recent years, so much so that its cultural impact and its name has become part of our modern day lexicon.
As REDDICK himself comments, “As we come upon the 19-year anniversary of the release of the film, as a writer and horror fan, I still get thrilled whenever I hear someone say, “That’s a Final Destination moment.”  Or when someone sends me a picture, or meme, of someone behind a log truck with a note – “Screw you Reddick.”
Red carpet photo ops, a fun Q&A with journalist Pat Jankiewicz, and table signings follow. Expect a few FINAL DESTINATION alumni too, to honor the great Mr. REDDICK.
Cosplay & Convention Body-paint Superstar BRIGITTE BERLIN is also Honored, this time with B&B’s WOMAN OF THE YEAR Award. Given in appreciation of Ms BERLIN’S artistry in the Cosplay genre, elevating it to an Art form through her exquisite body-painting skills. BERLIN follows the award presentation with the debut of her unique Burlesque standup comedy act. Body-painted from head to toe as a highly eroticized SKELETOR (from MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE), her performance is one of the festival’s many highlights.
Other guests that evening include Horror writer MARIE LANZA, Radio talk show host SHEENA METAL, direct from Japan PINK EIGA star REIKO YAMAGUCHI and celebrities from the worlds of Horror and Fantasy film.
First and foremost this is a party with entertainment throughout the evening, including Go-Go dancing, international DJ HiJinx (from Switzerland), Cosplay competitions, Makeup FX, raffles, lots of horror vendors, tons of freebies and a full bar.
Festival runs 5-6 October. The Closing Night Party is on Saturday 6th October.
Early on Saturday (11.00am) the festival screens new horror shorts (selected by all-women judges), followed by the WOMEN IN HORROR panel (1.30pm Free Event) featuring leading indie producers and directors, including LOTTI PHARRISS KNOWLES (Chastity Bites, Showgirls 2, Grindsploitation 4), HEIDI HONEYCUTT (7 From Etheria, Killer Cuisine), ESTHER GOODSTEIN (The Black Room, Spreading Darkness), MEGAN FREELS JOHNSTON (Ice Cream Truck, Hunting Season), STACI LAYNE WILSON (Cabaret of the Dead, Psycho Therapy) and TOY LEI (Amy’s in the Freezer). A not-to-be missed panel on how to successfully navigate the indie business.
Saturday afternoon (2.30pm) is JAPANESE MADNESS time, with the L.A. Premiere of J-Splatter director NOBORU IGUCHI’S all-girl ensemble epic GHOST SQUAD and in-person (direct from Tokyo) cult Director TOMOHIKO IWASAKI screening his latest outlandish short. With free DVDs and more special guests from the world of PINK movies TBA. Dress as a Japanese Ghost and get free admission.
In-competition Award winners receive prizes from sponsors FINAL DRAFT and WILD EYE RELEASING, and Cosplayers win $100 cash prizes. Food, snack and full bar all weekend.  Monies raised for charity are donated to registered charity FEEL YOUR BOOBIES.
Closing Night Party BOOBS & BLOOD Film Festival  Oct. 5-6
The Mayflower Club, 11110 Victory Blvd., N. Hollywood, CA 91606

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