Stormy Daniels directs video for shock rockers Granny 4 Barrel


Celebrity porn star Stormy Daniels, the adult entertainer at the centre of controversy regarding her relationship with US President Donald Trump, has directed a music video for She Likes Guns, by steampunk-themed shock rockers Granny 4 Barrel.

The video was shot last June and features three of porn’s hottest stars, Lily Lane, Arya Fae and Casey Calvert. The three take turns to cavort flirtatiously amidst an array of lethal weapons, both vintage and modern.

“We shot the video with Stormy months ago, but we received some push-back from radio and media about the sensitive subject,” say the band. “So we sat on the release of the song and video – but now we’re just going for it. Stormy did an incredible job directing – she knew exactly how we wanted to portray the song in the video, and with our spring tour upon us, we decided that the right time to release it is now.”


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