Sturgill Simpson Fighting Back Against Ticket Scalpers


Thanks to his Best Country Album win and stunning performance at the 2017 Grammy Awards, Sturgill Simpson‘s stock continues to rise. Unfortunately, that means ticket scalpers have been snapping up tickets to the singer-songwriter’s upcoming tour dates and looking to sell them at a major profit — a move that isn’t sitting well with Simpson. On social media, the artist has vowed to fight back at scalpers to make sure his fans have access to his concerts at a fair price.

In a post to Facebook on Tuesday (Feb. 28), Simpson explained that he and his crew are “working on an experimental ticketing system that will (HOPEFULLY) prevent scalpers / bots from ruining the live music experience for everyone” and “will be cancelling out bot-purchased tickets and putting the reclaimed tickets back up for sale at normal price” down the line.

“It infuriates me to see so many people who have supported us from Day One being shut out from the opportunity to come to our show for a price I designate,” Simpson writes. “I know exactly who I work for, and my tickets will always be affordable, and no amount of trophy’s [sic] in the world will ever change that.”


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