Super-Groupie Runs for Mayor


     Worldfamous super groupie that sculptured rock bands genitals and was immortalised in Kiss “Plaster Caster” and is currently running for mayor of Chicago – we`ll, good luck Cynthia! Here is her bio and political programme.

A native of Chicago, growing up the only child of a dysfunctional working class family, Cynthia Plaster Caster grew up on Chicago’s South side and is genuinely passionate about the health and well being of our city.

Best know for her work as an artist and iconic status as a rock n’ roll groupie, she has learned that if you want to make a difference in the world, you must be willing to roll up your sleeves and participate. Cynthia has traveled the world and has experienced the many ins and outs of the political system. And while she has not held office or aspired to become part of the process before, the distress of seeing her native city and state in bankruptcy has moved her to engage in helping to bring back a sense of order to
the city.

Recipient of the “Rob Pruitt” award In 2009, Cynthia was honored by conceptual artist Rob Pruitt when he hosted the “First Annual Art Awards” at the Guggenheim Museum, modeled after the Oscars. A staunch advocate of keeping Chicago safe for all citizens and visitors, Cynthia is Hard on Crime. “As long as criminals have access to guns in Chicago, gangland shootings will go on.” She likes the idea of meeting up with the gang leaders to help alleviate existing tension. “It has worked in Boston and Cincinnati, so why not Chicago.” She believes that the one in charge of law and order needs to be tougher and more commanding, rather than an Andy Griffith.

Concerned about the problem with criminals attacking drunken female students staggering on their ways home from the bars, Cynthia thinks “Bartenders should give intoxicated females bus tokens to keep them off the streets and get them home safely.”

In addition to being hard on crime, Cynthia will work for better public education, ending excessive spending on “Whitewashing” the streets of Chicago in areas where people are jobless and hungry and put that money into giving a helping hand (not a handout) to those in need, so that Chicago can be pretty on the inside too.

Ms. Caster wants to protect our city from a terrorist attack. “Chicago is a terrorist’s dream – one of the largest densely populated cities in the world. I would hope that Homeland Security and the Police Department here are doing what New York and DC are doing to prevent the latest kind of terrorist threat: Mumbai style – clusters of gunmen with assault weapons spraying bullets into crowds.”

The well being of the people and city of Chicago is the paramount reason Cynthia has decided to become involved. “It has the best people in the world. A place where people are friendly to strangers,
are on the level and up front with what they think. I’ve always loved the critical audiences at rock shows who don’t clap at every song. Big shoulders with real culture…That’s my kind of town.”

“As entertaining as Chicago politics have become (making it a great place to have a good laugh!), there is now an outstanding opportunity to make a much needed and substantial change at City Hall, now that Daley’s stepping down. We can bring the era of machine politics to a close with just a pen and ballot.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we elected someone TOTALLY DIFFERENT? Our city requires a leader who is willing to focus more on the needs of the people and less on politics!”

Cynthia wants to engage the hearts and minds of all Chicagoans to participate and inform themselves about this election and find out why our city is on the verge of collapse. She is convinced that together we can make a difference for Chicago.

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