Team Work brings ‘Within The Woods of Undead County’ to life.

Horror Society: Team Work brings Within The Woods of Undead County to life.   404068 129700750505437 689978964 n 600x221   Posted in: indie horror

I have never seen a horror flick where the crew behind the madness was so genuine in giving out credit to the people who helped bring the project together. This is a good thing, by the way.

Pontastic Films, Clear Motion Productions, and Lavenderlady FX Group have teamed up to deliver zombie fans a brand new film in 2013. Under the direction of Nicholas Paul Pontoski and Michael Sluck, Within The Woods of Undead County follows, “Four very different individuals in the woods of Schuylkill County who are forced to escape and survive in the wilderness after a zombie outbreak.” The script was written by Nicholas Paul Pontoski and Justin Stephens.

Producers Jarred Yurkunas, Nicholas Paul Pontoski, Michael Sluck and Joshua Solarczyk will be working alongside the cast – which consists of Gabriella Harry, Michael Motyl, Cory Handelong, and Angela McCormick – to bring everyone a kick ass zombie film. And how do I know exactly that this will be a kick ass zombie film? Well, just check out a picture of one of the film’s zombies!

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Horror Society: Team Work brings Within The Woods of Undead County to life.   388030 129751510500361 788287079 n 600x600   Posted in: indie horror


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