Tears Flow As Joan Jett Is Inducted Into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame


joan jett

Joan Jett has always been known as a bit of a bad ass, but she freely admitted she was anything but during her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last weekend.

Jett happily let the tears smear her mascara as Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono and plenty of other music legends all gave her a standing ovation during the ceremony on Saturday.

“To see the room stand up like that and applaud to that degree was pretty amazing,” Jett said. “I was trying not to bawl, because unless you could see how people just did not think girls could play rock and roll. It was overwhelming.”

Jett was introduced/presented for her induction by Miley Cyrus, another singer recently known to never back away from controversy. Cyrus stayed true to form, saying that she wanted to have sexual relations with Jett, but then gave a serious speech paying tribute to a singer who paved the way for other women in music.

“She’s what Superwoman really should be,” Cyrus said of Jett. “The first to do many things, not just as a woman, but as a badass babe on the planet.”

For her part, Jett said that Miley was “a rock and roller at heart” and reflected on what that term means to her.

“I come from a place where rock and roll means something. It’s more than music, more than fashion, more than a pose. It’s a subculture of rebellion, frustration, alienation and the groove. Rock and roll ethic is my entire life.”

Jett was also chosen to open the ceremony with a peformance of “Bad Reputation.” Other inductees on Saturday included Ringo Starr and Green Day.

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