TED Hyopthesizes The Scientific Origin Of The Minotaur


A TED video by Matt Kaplan explains the possible scientific origins of the Minotaur of Greek myth fame.

The myth states that Daedalus was commissioned by King Minos to create a labyrinth on the island of Crete which was to house the Minotaur, a beast that is half man and half bull.

The animated video shows that tremendous amounts of seismic activity and earthquakes in Crete might have led ancient civilizations to create this myth, since they believed these earthquakes came from below the island, possibly in Daedalus’ maze.

It’s a rather interesting scientific approach to understanding how myths and legends are created, especially since it compares Crete with Hawaii and the Hawaiian legend of Pele, who is the goddess of volcanoes and capriciousness.

Source:  http://bloody-disgusting.com/



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