The 10 most unconventional modes of transportation in film is about to set off on a journey to find the most unconventional modes of transportation in film history. Check out our selections in the gallery below!

Boats, planes, trains, automobiles—we’ve all seen plenty of films that revolve around these modes of transportation. Heck, remember Premium Rush, that Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie about a delivery boy racing through New York City on a bike? We all know these modes of transportation. We love to see them. We welcome them.

But what happens when a movie throws us a curveball? What happens when a filmmaker forces us to confront a mode of transportation that we’ve never seen before? One that totally blows the lid off of how out minds think about transportation? It’s happened plenty of times before, and it’s sure to happen plenty more times going forward. Don’t believe us? Check out these unconventional modes of transportation below.

Which of these odd ways to get around is your favorite?

Aladdin (1992)
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