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Welcome XXX fans to something that is new but has been around forever. The Essence of Don Juan is a series that will showcase not only the adult film stars you know and love, looking as stunning as can be, doing what they do. No, there is more, a lot more. EMM Media approached me a few weeks ago and said we need Don Juan DeMarko to do more than just bring out and showcase those assets of a starlet that are more than skin deep. “We want to show the fans more.” That is exactly what I am good at, I must admit. That is exactly what I am here to do for, my beloved industry of adult entertainment and the performers with in it.

Kendra Heart Looking for something more…

Now, being Don Juan is not just something I became or chose. When I joined this industry I knew that I had to contribute in ways that others have not if I wanted to stand out and be recognized. We live in a world were the models of the industry have stage names and us hired geeks, we have pen names. Unfortunately it is a must have in the industry as the outside world does not always look at what we do as something to write home to mom or dad about. I find that very absurd. That is what I am looking to change forever. It is ludicrous to think that you can not write home about a beautiful performer in this industry and even more, I think it is not fair to look at an adult actor as being one-dimensional or the label that is trust upon them because they took their looks, sexuality and exuberance to a higher lever. It is obtuse to Only see them as the characters they play and the jaw dropping sexual encounters they endure and perform to entertain you, the fan. I think that there is so much more to who these woman and men are and that is where I come into the picture. This is where the publisher here at EMM Media said to me, “Don Juan, we need to bring your essence to this website. We need to show nd give more to these performers we shoot and showcase.” That is exactly what I signed up to do here at EMM Report. I told Dominic Ace “I am game.” Now, to begin this new adventure of reporting of mine we bring in one of the most underrated starlets in the industry. Upon meeting this beauty for the first time at eXXXotica Denver a few years ago when I was on assignment for It was there that I discovered this babe truly loved what she does and I mean really loves it. Talking to her for the first time she told about growing up in Oklahoma. Conversed with me about country living. The first thing that honestly came to mind with Kendra Heart was the sexy farmers daughter who would get your ass a shotgun blast to the back if you fooled around with her and you know what? It would be well fucking worth it! That is the essence of Kendra Heart.

There are many things you do not want to try and pull with a porn star but with this starlet, her hair ain’t one of them.

Our first show in the Essence of Don Juan Series is a sweetheart through and through A performer who began her career in early 2017, starting with adult film Hall of Fame husband and wife team Francesca Le and Mark Wood for Evil Angel productions in Anal Brats 4. Since then her, star has only grown. Now, what else this Oklahoma born beauty is known for, is something that has become the modern wave of technology and innovation that the industry thrives by and the fans can not get enough of, clip-stores and websites. Or as I like to refer to them, indie productions. Kendra has stead fast built up a movie store that is beginning to rival what the back room at those Mom & Pop movies stores looked like back in the eighties for those of you as ancient as me who still have VHS cassettes in the basement. For you young bucks that means a selection of adult productions so massive and range from fetish, to your regular hardcore fantasy orgy. Kendra does it all and she does with a smile on her gorgeous kisser. ManyVids, they are the sign of the times and that sign says click here: and with this starlet, you will be glad that you did. Now this is only a start, there is so much more to Kendra Heart as you will see in this one of kind look at the woman behind the performer. This interview is a look at a woman who enjoys the industry, enjoys the life style and the sex that “cums” with it all in ways that one can only dream about. Good thing, this gal truly is one of those true to life women of your dreams who makes fantasies come true ain’t it. That is what she gets paid for after all. That is the wonder of adult entertainment and the actors with it. They make your dreams come true.


The Video goes live April 3rd. Until then, enjoy a little bit more of this starlets specialty, beauty with our one of a kind photo gallery. This exclusive photo shoot and subsequent videos to come, were created by myself and industry cameraman Dominic Ace as a way to give the fans a taste of the ladies sultry side as well as their character. Mixed with the artistic addition of Don Juan DeMarko. EMM Media delivers both sides of beauty for you the fans and to the industry as well. As we celebrate the performers who truly make this XXX world go round. Enjoy!


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Photos: Dominic Ace

Graphics and Editing: Don Juan DeMarko


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