The Essence of Megan Marx


Photographer: Sherman

The era of the “teen” starlet is bigger and better than ever. Over the years, the adult entertainment world has grown in so ways as it pushes for a share of the mainstream market with bigger productions with more independent producers and directors creating erotic art that has more than just the beauty of the flesh at it core.

Creating films and vignettes that have as much depth as some of the lengthy feature films in the “Vivid Days” as I like to call my favorite era of adult cinema, that is what type of talent we are seeing in the world today and it is everywhere. Those years that I like refer to as my “golden” era of adult films were filled with starlets who traveled coast to coast, and had usually trash bags of money in the rear trunk after each city visited. The stage was being set for the power of what woman, sexuality and artistry could become.

With that being said, one thing that will never change is the fresh-faced starlet who arrives in the city of angels looking to make it big in an industry that is more fast paced and high octane than it ever has been before. This is where Don Juan’s featured performer simply shines the brightest among the new starlets of the adult world.

Now, before we go any further, check out this YouTube interview with EMM Media’s one & only Sherman. He is a savvy industry veteran who has always had a knack for getting the starlets to say hello to the XXX fans in the most unique and appealing ways possible. It was on a winter afternoon that we met Megan Marx for the first time and what our first impression was, this beauty is exactly what you want to see in a new starlet. “Girl Next Door” good looks. A innocent charm that is beyond skin deep and that type of passion for what she is doing that only the true dreamers have. You see it in this interview with her smile and her stories of life before porn. Trust me, go take a look, we will still be here when you get back.



Photographer: Sherman


This ATMLA beauty began her career in late 2018 and from the beginning she has been placed into some of the most wondrous acting and performance roles that most new starlets do not get a chance to partake in until maybe their third year, if they are lucky. Her role in the opening scene of the 2019 film Boss was a sizzling hot look at dominance, kink, fetish and seduction alongside super star Kenna James and actor extraordinaire Ryan Driller. Megan Marx began with that massive accomplishment and since then has been steadily getting more and more comfortable in her own skin. Since her wondrous debut with Deeper this cutie from West Virginia has taken part in some of the best filmmaker’s creations. I had a chance to really see this beauty up close and personal with my film review of her one on one encounter with Lily Glee and Logan Pierce in industry legend Mike Quasar’s film, Cum Swapping Stepsisters 4. This eighteen year old beauty has managed to do things that I think performers with a decade of experience on her could not do as well. With a global pandemic that has virtually shut the industry down until the end of July, it has given fans a chance to see who are the performers worth digging deep for, in an industry that is larger than it ever has been. This is what led Sherman and I to say to ourselves, “we have to show this beauty off to the world in every way possible” and my goodness, “The Essence of Megan Marx” photo gallery may simply be one of our best creations yet, as we truly got to show off the innocence, beauty, fragility and sex appeal of a young woman who has more guts than anyone I have seen join the industry in many, many years.

Photographer: Sherman

What makes me state such admiration for Megan was the fact that this starlet came prepared in ways that you do not see most young models come when they are getting interviewed and showcased in a photo shoot. Megan is a woman who lives her brand, who has a charming personality that has that “southern” touch of grandeur that only a West Virginia beauty has. All that mixed with a passion that this next generation of porn stars seem to already have part of their repertoire when they join this industry looking to make it big. As our interview shows, this is a young woman, who has always lived a life of truth and honesty that showed in her beautiful smile and timid gestures of kindness during our day with Megan. Like industry legend Shay Sweet, Megan has a look that no one fan or foe will be able to forget upon first sight and like that Hall of Fame legend, Megan has a knack for sultry creations that get more and more powerful with each scene of sensuality she helps to create. This is a starlet on the rise and a woman who I think has a definite place at the round table of porn bad asses who are looking to make a name for themselves during this unique year of historical change. Make sure that you check out this new starlet’s filmography over at but before you do that, see what all the fuss is about with our XXX photo gallery entitled: The Essence of Megan Marx.

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