The Kellogg’s Cereal Mascots Have Been Turned into Universal’s Monsters This Halloween Season



Your move, General Mills.

Unless they’ve still got something special up their sleeve that hasn’t yet been revealed, it’s looking like General Mills hasn’t done much of anything with their “Cereal Monsters” cereals this Halloween season, releasing them back into stores with the same box art as last year. The good news? This year, Kellogg’s is picking up the slack with new art of their own!

For Halloween 2018, Froot Loops, Apple Jacks and (Chocolate) Frosted Flakes have been given fresh new makeovers, with the art turning each cereal’s mascot(s) into Universal Monsters!

Toucan Sam is the Wolfman, CinnaMon and Bad Apple are Frankenstein and the Mummy, and Tony the Tiger is Dracula!

Additionally, the cereals have brand new “spooky marshmallows,” in various shapes.

All three Kellogg’s Halloween 2018 cereals are on shelves now!

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