‘THE RAID’ REMAKE: Joe Carnahan! Frank Grillo!


XYZ, who is behind so many awesome indie genre films, as well as Gareth Evans’ 2011 The Raid: Redemption, just revealed that the remake is back in development. A remake? But remakes are bad! No, not this one…

Evans is backing and producing said remake with Joe Carnahan directing and Frank Grillo starring!

Grillo is quickly becoming our modern action hero, having starred in Captain America, as well as the past two Purge sequels. He’s as badass as they come, and will roundhouse the living shit out of whomever they place in front of him.

What about that Carnahan guy? He only directed Narc, Smokin’ Aces, The A-Team and mother fucking The Grey, starring Liam Neeson. He’s an action guru who’s going to lead Grillo up several flights of misery.

Evans also directed the excellent The Raid sequel, and is developing a third. This is going to be a global franchise.

Source: http://bloody-disgusting.com

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