The Screaming O Presents the Power of Pleasure With MasteRing™ Remote Controlled Vibes


The Screaming O lets couples take control with the MasteRing™ Bullet, Panty and OWow, three new couples vibes operated by a remote control cleverly disguised as an ordinary finger ring. With just one touch the MasteRing lets couples choose between multiple speeds and functions to tease, please and make them plead, “Master, may I…have more?”, introducing a whole new way to play with the power of pleasure.

The MasteRing Bullet buzzes at 10 powerful vibration speeds and functions operated by a one-touch control that fits on any finger, letting couples watch with delight as they squirm and squeal with the push a button from up to 50 feet away. The MasteRing Bullet features a smooth waterproof surface and easy pull ring that lets couples take it anywhere, wear it anywhere, and make them the ultimate masters of pleasure.
The MasteRing Panty features a sexy black lace panty with a secret hiding place to tuck the waterproof 10-function Bullet inside and let her wear it anywhere her partner demands. She’ll quiver on command as her partner chooses how fast her Bullet should buzz, leaving her begging for more.
The MasteRing OWow® combines the erection-enhancement of The Screaming O’s popular Big O with the vibration power of the 10-function MasteRing Bullet to create the ultimate couple’s toy with a remote-controlled twist! The OWow vibrating pleasure ring gives erection enhancement he needs and stimulation she craves while offering the versatility of a removable bullet, letting couples experiment with two new kinds of power play.
“The MasteRing series lets customer be masters of pleasure and put the power of their new favorite sex toys literally at their fingertips,” The Screaming O partner Keith Caggiano said. “The MasteRing Bullet, Panty and OWow are easy to use, fun to try, and the perfect introduction to power play for couples looking to spice things up. Retailers will love our eye-catching packaging, which shows the MasteRing in action and how its clever remote-controlled system will turn every consumer into the ultimate master.”

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