“The Walking Dead”: Artist Draws Badass Grown-Up Carl Grimes Concept Art



There’s a new sheriff in town.

Every major character on “The Walking Dead” has gone through a serious evolution since the beginning of the show, to the point that characters like Rick Grimes and Carol Peletier seem like entirely different people than the ones we first met back in 2010. If you live long enough to survive for an extended period of time in the zombie apocalypse, you will undoubtedly become changed by that harsh way of life, and perhaps no character has done more growing that Carl Grimes.

Literally. He has literally grown up right before our eyes.

As we reported earlier this week, there’s a rumor going around that Carl’s days are numbered, and since he’s begun carelessly gunning for Negan even though that’s quite obviously the worst possible idea, it sure seems like the young Grimes is indeed about to get himself killed. But what if he outlives all expectations? What if Carl someday becomes, well, the new Rick?

Artist M.J. Hiblen just whipped up two pieces of concept art that depict his vision of a grown-up Carl, and we gotta say, the art is so badass that we’re kind of hoping Carl outlives everyone and becomes a post-apocalyptic warrior. With a long beard and even longer hair, Carl stands atop a pile of human skulls, and the weapon in his hand suggests that he conquered Negan.

Check out the awesome grow-up Carl Grimes art below!



Source:  http://bloody-disgusting.com

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