“There’s a Place” talk show welcomes The Jordyn Show this week on dromebox.com



Jordtn Kramer, aka “The Jordyn Show” will be a special guest on Adam Papagan’s “There’s a Place” talk showwhich is broadcast on Wednesdays at 10:05pm PST on www.Dromebox.com . Jordyn hosts a surrealist talk show on DromeBox called Bowl and Breffix where she interviews comedians, drag queens, and other fringe figures. She also promotes a bi-monthly comedy/live performance show called Queerspace LA. “Hell yes I will! Weeeee”, says Jordin Kramer about being on the show.  “This will be fun!”

“With all the characters and special effects”, explains Adam Papagan, “Jordyn’s show is pretty out there, I’m looking forward to seeing how she handles having to talk quietly on our show.”


“There’s a Place” talk show is designed for that little tingle your brain gets from hearing a close noise or quiet whisper. Each week host Adam Papagan (David Liebe Hart Band, The Del Talk Show, The O.J. Tour) uses his soft spoken technique to interview guests from a variety of creative disciplines. Comedians, actors, musicians, and poets all sit down for intimate, relaxed, and often humorous exchanges that explore a world away from distraction. For there’s a Place you too can go, and it’s your mind.

Past episodes are archive on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5ai92I1SvymJ9Urg08CDeQ

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