This Prop Artist is Making T-Rex Foot Garbage Cans That You Can Buy for a Lot of Money


No dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this product. They promise.

You’ve probably never imagined throwing your trash into the foot of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, in fact I can pretty much guarantee that, but prop artist Richard Riley doesn’t really care if you’ve been asking for such a product… he went ahead and made one anyway. Yes, through Regal Robot, you can now purchase a hand-made T-rex foot garbage can.

This 100% faux taxidermy can function as a waste paper basket or (if you’d like to request customization) an umbrella or cane holder or even a planter,” the company explains.

They add, “Each dinosaur foot waste basket will be hand finished like a theme park style prop. This means no two pieces will be exactly alike. Each sculpture is then hand painted with layers of aging and detail for a realistic appearance. This means we can tailor the coloration to your preference! Love classic green dinosaurs? Want a modern Tyrannosaurus Rex look? Or maybe go with bolder colors to create a bright red dragon foot? Our Custom Studio lets us tailor our creations to suit your needs!

Since dinosaur feet don’t come cheap in a world where dinosaurs have long been extinct, Regal Robot’s T-rex trash can is selling for $649. Admit it. You’re considering it.

Thanks to io9 for bringing this to our attention.

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