Trent Shy Re-imagines Horror Posters As Claymation Masterpieces.


Trent Shy loves claymation, an art-form I enjoy and one that’s subtly becoming more popular. All you have to do is look at Trent’s YouTube page and take note of his video views to see that people are digging this old-school style of animation. His original short film Monster Zombie Claymation has over 2,400,000 views and his promotional video for Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival in 2014 has over 2,100,000 views. Hell, Trent was even contacted recently to work on a music video featuring rappers Quavo, Gucci Mane and Tyga.

Now, as he works on bigger and longer projects, Trent is taking modern horror movie posters and promotional snaps and turning them into claymation masterpieces. Browsing his Facebook and Instagram, I found stunning, funny, scary re-imaginings of Contracted, Get Out, Insidious 2 and Halloween (2018). Make sure you follow Mr. Shy on social media for all the latest updates and creations that this incredibly talented artist and film-maker has to offer horror fans.

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