Verified Call Pays Out Daily to Help Performers


From today, August 21st, through September 1st, Verified Call is paying out daily for the next 10 days. This special program is to help performers supplement their incomes while production has been halted. This offer is open to existing and new accounts holders. Performers who aren’t already signed up with Verified Call are encouraged to sign up. The verification process will be even quicker, so new performers can start earning and get paid daily.

 “We know that the performers are taking a hit while production is halted and we want to help,” says Kurt Vogner, President of Verified Call. “While they’re waiting on their tests to come back and the industry to resume shooting, they can work with us and get paid daily, rather than monthly. We have the highest payout of any call processing company, and with the extra time the performers will be available to take calls, they could rake in some good earnings and supplement their incomes.”

 Signing up is easy. Go to and fill out an online application or email lead account manager Verified Call will contact you to verify your identity and help you get your account up and running. Performers, talent agencies, studios, adult-oriented companies and webmasters can sign up for Verified Call.


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