Videos Jason Baker Shares an Awesome Unused Mask He and Tom Savini Made for WWE’s Erick Rowan

Effects artist Jason Baker and the “Godfather of Gore” Tom Savini have worked together on various projects in recent years, with Baker directing the documentary Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini (now streaming on Shudder) and collaborating with Savini on several masks that have been seen on WWE programming. One they made, however, was never seen.

Until now, that is.

Baker took to Twitter this week to share a Bride of Frankenstein-inspired mask he and Savini made for WWE’s Erick Rowan back in 2016. Alas, it was never actually used by WWE.

The mask was originally going to be worn by Rowan at that year’s WrestleMania 32 event, wherein Rowan ultimately ended up being squashed in 6-seconds by The Rock.

You can check out the mask below, which is essentially an upgraded take on the sheep masks that Rowan had been wearing at the time. This one featured a light-up component.

More recently, Savini’s team created the nightmarish mask for “The Fiend,” Bray Wyatt.


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