Videos Long Live Practical Effects: Tom Savini’s Original Fluffy Prop from ‘Creepshow’ Restored to Former Glory!


As the above photo highlights, the years weren’t kind to Fluffy.

Over 30 years after the release of George Romero’s Creepshow, it should come as no surprise that some of the film’s props (the ones that are still in existence, that is) aren’t in the greatest condition today. But one of those props, the beast known as Fluffy from the segment “The Crate,” has just been painstakingly restored to its ’80s glory!

Tom Spina Designs just finished restoring the prop for a client, and they’ve highlighted the process over on their website, sharing both images and video of their handiwork.

We’ve been fortunate to work on a number of props and costumes from the 1982 film, Creepshow, creating elaborate displays, preserving and restoring these bits of movie history. Among those projects was one where we conserved Fluffy’s attack puppet head used in close ups where the character bit and attacked the actors,” the company writes. “It’s rare that we see our old friends again, but when the prop changed hands last year, the new owner came to us with that preserver Fluffy puppet and asked us to create an elaborate display and devise a way for the piece to look a bit more like it did on screen in the 80’s.”

They continue…

“The life sized hand operated puppet was in great condition, but the face skin had long since worn away. Tom came up with an approach where we could recreate a portion of the face and have gravity hold that in place. Essentially, the puppet would get a new, removable face, allowing the prop to remain conserved and original, yet display more authentically.

To contribute to that authenticity, we reached out to our friend Greg Nicotero and KNB EFX Group who, using Savini’s original molds cast us a new latex face skin for the crate beast. Tom Savini himself would provide vintage castings of the hands for this display. We painted and haired each of those pieces, using a mix of acrylic and yak hair, with Tom hand punching much of the hair on the face.

An exacting recreation of the famous wood crate would be the basis for the display and Fluffy would look as if he was about to pounce out of it and attack! Steven Richter created the wood crate, which was distressed by Christine Richter and Patrick Louie (who, as always, love the blood spatter part!). Replica aged hardware was created, chains stained and added and blue and red LED’s capture the feel of the movie.”


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