Will Breast Implants Glow in the Dark Under Flashlights ?

 Once we heard this urban legend, we had to confirm it: whether breast implants will glow in the dark under flashlights.  We teamed up with adult performer Jemma Jordan, who has 32DD implants (she also graciously agreed to apply a “SINN & SKINN” temporary tattoo across her breasts as well).  We all crammed into her bathroom to conduct our moderately scientific “experiment.”  There are no special effects in this video, just Jemma’s 32DD breasts (with implants), two flashlights and of course our temporary tattoo.  We got our answer right away, but we were only generally satisfied with the result.  Yes, breast implants will glow very noticeably and brightly, but breasts will “glow” generally too, even if a bit more dimly.  Though, it isn’t hard to find the implants.  Take a look at the results…

You can watch and embed the full video on SINN & SKINN’s YouTube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XROIWMATAI


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