Will Quentin Tarantino To Film ‘Hateful Eight’ After All?


Quentin Tarantino

Despite the script leak, the lawsuits, and swearing it off, Quentin Tarantino may make “The Hateful Eight” into a movie after all.

TheWrap reporter Jeff Sneider has quoted a source claiming Tarantino has contacted Samuel L. Jackson even though the director said he would sell the story as a book rather than make it into a film.

Sneider admitted he is not allowed to officially report it via TheWrap due to the source, but he shared in a series of tweets, “RUMOR: THE HATEFUL EIGHT is back on, as sources tell ME that Quentin has reached out to Sam Jackson in the wk since he called off the movie…

“A representative for Samuel L. Jackson did not respond to MULTIPLE requests for comment over the last 4 days. Same goes for QT’s reps at WME…

“I’m told that the initial betrayal came as a shock, but QT has calmed down & is having second thoughts about moving on. Will rewrite script.”

Tarantino was furious the script leaked after he handed it out to a handful of principal actors. He has also named Gawker in a lawsuit after the website linked a copy of the script.

source:  http://www.starpulse.com

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