With Your Help, “Stranger Things” Star David Harbour Will Attend Halloween Horror Nights Dressed as Eleven



And come on, who *doesn’t* want to see that?

Thanks to his role as Chief Hopper on “Stranger Things,” David Harbour has become one of the most beloved actors on TV right now. Just as lovable as Harbour’s on-screen persona is his Twitter account (@DavidKHarbour), which he’s been using in some seriously fun, creative and simply wonderful ways in the wake of his breakout success.

Harbour has taken part in a handful of “how many re-tweets…?” challenges in the past year or so, with fans asking him how many re-tweets they need to get on Twitter in order for him to do fun things with them. Recently, Harbour made good on his promise to take senior photos with a fan, and another campaign sent him to Antarctica for Greenpeace.

The actor’s latest viral stunt? If he gets 300,000 re-tweets on the below tweet, he’ll attend Halloween Horror Nights Orlando this year and walk through the “Stranger Things” maze, dressed as Eleven and with eleven 11-year-old fans by his side!

This needs to happen, so be sure to re-tweet and help out!

Source:  http://bloody-disgusting.com

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