Elena Koshka and Alina Lopez give a Virtuoso VR Performance in ‘Grand Obsession’ from SexLikeReal Originals

Director Alex Nash and Director of Photography Evan Redstar hit all the right keys in their latest perverse production for SexLikeReal Originals. ‘Grand Obsession’ is an engrossing virtual reality sex fantasy that puts the viewer in the shoes of a classical pianist as he performs his latest piece for mesmerizing music-lovers Elena Koshka and Alina Lopez. The pianist’s private studio soon erupts in a symphony of sexual splendor as the enchantresses display their musical appreciation by treating the composer to a melodious ménage à trois.

“There has long been a relationship between music and sex,” Alex Nash said. “Listening to great music, like having hot sex, causes our brain to release pleasure-inducing chemicals. When sex and music come together, like they do in ‘Grand Obsession,’ we’re doubling down on the things that turn us on.”

The award-winning VR director says that the piano in ‘Grand Obsession’ was used to maximum effect as the sexy starlets entice the composer to join the vixens in a no-holds-barred threesome.

“When it comes to sexy musical props, there’s nothing like a piano because it’s an instrument that you can actually have sex on,” Nash said. “Elena Koshka and Alina Lopez, both gorgeous and intensely sensuous performers, spectacularly make use of the piano as they tease, titillate, and tantalize their maestro, leading to a threesome that leaves nothing to the imagination. Featuring girl-on-girl, toy play, and a range of raunchy three-way sex positions from a variety of POV angles, ‘Grand Obsession’ is an exhaustive exploration of the rapturous pleasure that unfolds when music and sex mix.”

‘Grand Obsession’ is shot in 200 degree format in striking 6K at 60FPS courtesy of the state-of-the-art SexLikeReal camera rig so that viewers can enjoy the seductively immersive experience they’ve come to expect from SexLikeReal’s leading-edge platform.

The new scene can be viewed at SexLikeReal: https://www.sexlikereal.com/scenes/grand-obsession-17963

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