Will Pounder To Address Marine Recruits Saturday

 Will Pounder will address a group of poolees — individuals who have already signed up to become a Marine but not yet left for 13 weeks of recruit training — this Saturday in Los Angeles.
During the private event, Pounder will deliver a motivational talk that touches upon his military experience, and the challeneges he overcame to become an award-winning adult performer, accomplished mixed martial artist and fitness advocate.
The six-foot star competed in martial arts on weekends while serving in the Marines, taught the All-Marine Grappling Team, ran the All-Marine Competition Team at Camp Pendleton, and started the jiu-jitsu club in Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in 2008.
However, during his service, Pounder was severely injured while carrying a fellow Marine with a sprained ankle. Pounder later learned he had fractured his fifth lumbar (L5) vertebrae.
Two months after his honorable discharge, Pounder, who had hoped to return to practicing and teaching jiu-jitsu, found himself in blinding pain and disabled from the injury. “I couldn’t move, and my weight got up to 255 lbs. I had to change my diet, re-learn how to walk, and learn how to work out all over again.”
Through force of will, Pounder lost 55 lbs in three months and regained his mobility,
After appearing on the TV series “A Grunt’s Life,” Pounder joined the adult industry in 2017.
In 2019, he competed in a team grappling tournament televised by UFC Fight Pass, fighting on the team captained by former UFC welterweight, mixed martial artist and boxer Chris “Lights Out” Lytle. Pounder was recently named brand ambassador for the TestoGen fitness supplement from UK-based health and nutrition company, Muscle Club.
“I joined the Marines because I knew I needed discipline to be a success in life, and to find my place and my purpose,” Pounder said.
“The struggles I went through in life that have made me successful on multiple fronts all come from the values, work ethic and the ethos of the Marine Corps. I’m always more than happy to share my experiences with a new generation of Marines before they enter boot camp.”
Learn more about Will Pounder at his official website iWillPounder.com, and via Twitter: @thewillpounder and Instagram: @IWillPounder.
Check out Pounder’s online adult content:
OnlyFans: WillPounder
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In January 2021, Pounder took home the trophy for Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene at the 38th annual AVN Awards.


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