And Now We Drink Hosts Livestream with Adult Entertainment Attorney Michael Fattorosi Monday

 And Now We Drink host Matt Slayer is giving back to the adult community with a special livestream podcast episode this Monday, March 13, aimed at benefitting performers and indie content creators.
“And Now We Drink” is like ”the conversation at the end of the bar” featuring your favorite comedians, musicians, writers, actors and adult performers.  This time out, Slayer’s guest is Michael Fattorosi. A practicing attorney since 1997, Fattorosi has been an entertainment attorney specializing in adult entertainment since 2004
On the rare live podcast, Fattorosi will discuss Model Releases: the down and dirty of what you need to know and how you might be using the wrong ones!
“If you’re a content creator, understanding model releases is a must to protect your content,” said Fattorosi.
Slayer added, “We will have a live Q&A and possibly some content that will get Michael disbarred. Time will tell. So be sure to tune into this special live event.”
View the enlightening livestream starting at noon PST on Monday, March 13, on the show’s YouTube channel:
The video versions of the “And Now We Drink” podcast are available via Slayer’s Patreon ( ) before they hit YoutTube.
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