Annie Knight-Exclusive profile with Australia’s most popular content creator

Hailing from the sunny coasts of Australia, Annie Knight is a tall, striking blonde with a penchant for breaking barriers. Earning up to $7000 a day from her OnlyFans site, she not only claims the title of Australia’s most sexually active woman but also takes pride in mentoring and guiding aspiring creators to achieve their own success. Knight’s unapologetic approach to life and her career has not only garnered her a vast online following but has also reshaped conversations surrounding online content creation in Australia. She wears her label as Australia’s most popular creator with pride and stands as a beacon for many in the content creation space.


Interview: Sherman Way

Editor: Ralph Greco, Jr.

SW: Sherman Wayze

AK: Annie Knight

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Photos courtesy of Annie Knight

SW: You certainly have a lot going on: your podcast, OnlyFans, your management company, a recent controversy; I didn’t realize you were such a celebrity.

Would it be okay if we tackled OnlyFans first?

AK: Sure, although I’ve really only been on Onlyfans for like three years, I think, as of just this month, in fact. I sort of started it as more of a side hustle.

I was working as a marketing manager full-time, and I honestly just wanted to earn like an extra two grand a month so I could one day buy a house. And then, after about a year-and-a-half of doing it as a side hustle, I got fired from my job for doing OnlyFans. So, I decided that had to be a sign to just do OnlyFans full-time.


SW: Kind of the old ‘making lemonade out of lemons’ kind of a thing, huh?

AK: Yeah. And I’ve been doing it full-time now, like a year-and-a-half, and I love it.

SW: Do you manage daily updates to your photos and videos?

AK: Yes, I send out videos and photos every day on OnlyFans. Keep it fresh, ya know?

SW: I’m sure you’ve been asked this a hundred times, but what’s the craziest request you’ve gotten for an OnlyFans video or photo?

AK: Mmm, I guess the craziest request I’ve gotten wasn’t even really that sexual. I was asked to be fully clothed with a packet of potato crisps and to snatch the potato crisps off this guy and start dropping the potato crisps on the floor and stepping on them with my bare feet. So, I had to do that for five minutes.

SW: Anything more sexual?

AK: The sexual requests aren’t all that crazy, really. They’re probably the more basic ones, you’d expect. It’s the ones that are like, you know, like that potato crisps one. Nothing too out of the ordinary when it comes to the sexual ones.

SW: And your OnlyFans content overall, do you do boy, girl, go girl, solo, the whole thing?

AK: I do everything. Yeah. All of it.

SW: Is there a particular thing you find your fans want to see more of?

AK: Yeah. I think my fans always like my boy-girl videos, and they’ve been asking a lot for a big scene with multiple creators, like two boys, two girls, that kind of thing, which I’m definitely going to be doing in the future.

SW: When you sit down to shoot content, do you find you shoot stuff you think will sell or what you want to see?

AK: I think I generally shoot things that my fans have asked for. I mean, if there’s a particular video that I keep getting requests for, I’ll then aim to create that type of video. But I also choose to film videos that I personally like to make. So, it’s a little bit of both.

SW: What do you consider the essential elements of a good content scene? Is it something that’s perfectly lit or something that’s sexy, a little bit naughty?

AK: I don’t know. I think role-playing scenes always do well. The thing with OnlyFans is that you’re not allowed to do anything public, but you know, on Fansley, you can do public play and play like that, which always sells well. I mean, the basic generic stuff never does as well as the riskier stuff or like the role-playing stuff, as I mentioned.

SW: Do you shoot a lot of POV or more wide camera, full scene stuff?

AK: A bit of both, actually. I’ve got POV videos, and then I’ve also got videos that combine the wide camera angle of the full scene and then a mixture of POV in between. I think those are the best videos because you kind of get the best of both worlds.

SW: Are you responsible for the post-production too? Do you edit and do all that?

AK: Yeah, yeah. I do that all myself, yeah.

SW: Typically, how long is one of your OnlyFans scenes?

AK: Between ten to twenty minutes. It kind of depends; it can vary with what is going on in the scene.

SW: You mentioned Fansley. Is there a difference when you upload something there? Are they longer scenes or shorter scenes than what you put up on OnlyFans?

AK: It’s less the length of the scenes and more the content that’s the difference on what videos you put up on Fansley and I put up on OnlyFans. Rather than risk losing my OnlyFans account, I’ve created a Fansley account to upload stuff that Fansley is okay with but OnlyFans is not. I don’t put my generic videos onto Fansley, just the stuff that OnlyFans doesn’t allow.


SW: How did you find out about Fansley?

AK: I just kind of heard about it through some friends that I have in the industry. They said it’s like a great alternative income while you still get income from OnlyFans. I’ve also heard of a lot of women getting their accounts banned from OnlyFans, and then they’ve lost their main source of income. So, I thought creating a Fansley would just give me a little backup and a bit more security in case that happened to me. But it’s also good because it’s different to OnlyFans. On OnlyFans, you have to promote it on social media for people to find it. Whereas Fansly, you don’t have to promote it anywhere. You can hashtag, and people can find you through searches and stuff like that. So, it’s just a good little thing to have in the background running while I put my main focus into OnlyFans.

SW: Prior to doing OnlyFans, had you done any type of adult work, any modeling, video?

AK: No, no. Absolutely nothing at all.

SW: Had you watched adult material before that?

AK: Yeah, yeah, I had.

SW: When you saw something adult, did the thought ever cross your mind, ‘Hey, I could do that!’

AK: No. Honestly, I never, ever, ever thought I would be doing this. When I was younger, I was a lot more aware of myself; I guess the word I’m looking for is I was a lot more insecure. I wasn’t as confident as I am now. So even when I first started my OnlyFans, I thought, ‘Oh, it’ll just be lingerie photos and bikini photos.’ And it was just interesting how quickly that progressed into nude content and then solo content. And here we are.

SW: When you started shooting content for OnlyFans, shooting lingerie and bikini, as you say, did you do just strictly selfies, or did you have somebody taking the pics?

AK: Yeah. It was basically just selfies that I took of myself in the mirror or whatever. And then, you know, I would put them out on my OnlyFans, and I would get lots of requests like, ‘We want to see more. We want to see you nude,’ or, you know, solo masturbation videos or whatever. For a while, I tried to hold off on going further, but when I realized the amount of money I could make if I took it that one step further, I decided to take the leap.

SW: And when you started the OnlyFans, maybe even before that, were you doing this strictly for money or for the attention, or both?

AK: No, just for money to begin with.

SW: And then you did solo masturbation. How long did it take before you did, boy-girl?

AK: That wasn’t until about a year-and-a-half in.

SW: Was that with the boyfriend?

AK: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Boyfriend.

SW: What was that like the first time you shot? Was that like a POV thing, too, or was that a couples scene?

AK: Yeah, that was like POV. He wanted to remain anonymous, and we just shot POV. And it was interesting. It was very different to, you know, being intimate in real life as opposed to filming because you’ve got a camera in the way. You really got to work the angles and the lighting and stuff. So, it is very different, but it took a while to get used to, but I think we got better as time went on.

SW: Do you do live chats and all that, too? Like Video calls?

AK: Yeah. I did. I used to, but unfortunately, I just don’t have the time anymore. I’m juggling too many things at once.

SW: The first time a man showed you his stuff. Did that surprise you? Did that shock you?

AK: I mean, it was to be expected. Like I knew what I was, you know, getting into. I had a feeling that that’s what would happen because it’s OnlyFans. But I won’t lie. Yeah, the first time, you know, it does shock you because I think with OnlyFans, it’s an online website where you’re taken away from that personal connection or whatever.

I was like, ‘Oh, this is a bit weird. I finally get to see one of my subscribers in person online.’ And so, yeah, it was a little bit weird the first time. But yeah, as I said, the more you do it, the more comfortable you get, and the easier it is.

SW: You mentioned you knew how much more money you could make from a business perspective. Did you automatically wait maybe six months, do something solo, and then wait six months to shoot a boy-girl scene? Then you maybe wait six months against the anal?

And I’m assuming you do anal and whatever else.

AK: Yeah. I mean, I didn’t purposely do that. But obviously, looking back, I’m like, that was a smart decision because I definitely made as much money as I could doing that one particular thing before moving on to the next thing. And so that did work for me because, as I said, I did solo for a year-and-a-half and made as much money as possible. And when it got to a point where I was like, ‘Okay, we can take it to that next level. Now it’s time to do boy-girl; we did that. And then I did that for a while, and then I introduced girl-on-girl and so on.

And yeah, I mean, it turned out to be a really good business decision, but it wasn’t intentional.

SW: Are you into women off-camera as well?

AK: Yeah. Yeah. Both.

SW: Were you into them before you started the OnlyFans, or was it just something that progressed because of work?

AK: I wouldn’t say it was because of OnlyFans that I realized; I think I’ve always kind of known. But I guess you know, doing OnlyFans and being more open and being more open with my sexuality online as well, it’s something that I’ve just become more comfortable with over time.

It’s not like I came out and was like, ‘I’m bisexual,’ or anything like that. It’s just, you know, naturally, I’ve realized, yeah, I’m interested in men, but I’m also interested in women. It just is what it is.

SW: When it comes time to working with other people, do you have a specific group of people you collaborate with, or do you find people to work with by their numbers? How does that work?

AK: No, I generally don’t care about the number of followers or fans someone has. I like to collaborate with people I connect with, people on the same level as me.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of competitiveness and jealousy within the industry. So, I try and stay away from girls that I feel give off that vibe, the men as well. I try to stick to, you know, the men and women that I know have great reputations and that I’ve connected with online. These are usually people I’ve spoken to for a while online first so that I feel comfortable with them and know that they’re good people and that we’re on the same length. So yeah, I am quite picky with who I collab with.

SW: Without kissing your butt, you’ve blown up in a business that’s oversaturated. What do you attribute that to? Is it just you’re pretty, that you’re an adult content-maker based in Australia?

AK: No, I don’t think any of that really matters. I think this year, particularly, is where I’ve sort of really taken off, and I feel that all it comes down to the fact that I’ve been putting my personality out there on the internet. I’ve been making TikToks about my sexual experiences and have been really open. And I think, at the end of the day, that really matters.

You know, if someone wants to see a skinny blonde girl, they can just go on to Pornhub and, you know, search skinny blonde girl. But the thing that makes me different is that I have a personality, and you get to see my personality. You get to talk to me.

The number one thing I hear when people first subscribe to me is, ‘I saw you on TikTok. I love your personality. I had to subscribe so I could talk to you more.’ So, I think that’s the thing that really sets me apart from all the other girls.

SW: So, would you agree to be successful on OnlyFans is more about personality than, I guess, getting boned?

AK: One hundred percent, yeah. Definitely. Especially, as you said, because the market’s so oversaturated at the moment.

SW: You mentioned your sexual exploits, adventures. There was a story about you being the most sexually active woman in Australia. Did you plan that consciously? Was that a publicity stunt? Or is that something real? How did all that come about?

AK: Okay. So, I was obviously posting my sexual escapades online, and an Australian radio show, I think it’s Australia’s number one radio show, reached out to me and asked, ‘Would you want to come on? ” I said, yes, that I would, and then they said, ‘We’re going to call you Australia’s most sexually active woman. Are you okay with that?’ I said, ‘Yeah, of course. Let’s do it. I don’t mind. I have no shame.’ And once I got on the show, it kind of just took off. Newspapers in Australia picked up the story and ran with it, and then I think the story went international as well.

So, it wasn’t planned, but I knew what was coming.

SW: But did you then have sex with 300 people in a year?

AK: Yeah, yeah.

SW: Did you set that as a goal for yourself, or did that just kind of happen?

AK: Oh, it just kind of happened. I think, you know, with OnlyFans, doing collabs and stuff like that, I really found my sexuality, and I wanted to explore more and have more adventures. And as I said, I was quite shy when I was younger and introverted, so I’d never really had all those experiences before. And I just thought, I’m twenty-six; now’s the time to do it.

And I decided to just, I don’t know, start hooking up with men, women, all of that.

SW: OnlyFans aside, did you use apps to arrange the hook-ups? How did you make that happen?

AK: No. I mean, yes, I would use Hinge and Tinder and stuff like that, the dating apps, but it’s not like I would just invite a random guy over or whatever. But going out for dates and stuff like that, get to know the guys, then, yeah, obviously, like second, third date or whatever, I’d bring them back. And then I sort of, I guess I kind of created a roster, and I had like what I call my regulars, which is like probably like six guys that I have on the go at a time. And yeah, that’s sort of how it got to 300+ in a year.

SW: Were they basically friends-with-benefits, or did you look at them as being like a serious relationship, any of them?

AK: No, they were all just definitely friends with benefits; that’s the good thing about it; we were friends first. We became friends, and then we both knew that we were on the same page of what this was and that it was just friends-with-benefits and nothing more.

SW: Did they know that? Were they cool with that? Were they from the get-go?

AK: Yeah. There were a couple of them that caught feelings, I would say and wanted something more. I think you know when that happens, you just have to say, ‘Look, I don’t want to lead you on. This is what it is. If you want something more, I can’t give that to you, and you know maybe we should stop seeing each other.’

SW: Was there an age group that you kind of stayed in?

AK: It was mostly like twenty-five to thirty-year-olds.

SW: Did you have a specific-looking type of person you were with?

AK: Yeah, I would say I have a bit of a type. I like sort of a pretty boy, tall. I’m 5’11, so I need a tall guy. They don’t have to necessarily be shredded or ripped or anything, but just, you know, good, healthy body, tanned. I love brunettes with blue eyes.

SW: Can you pretty much possibly tell when you first meet somebody that yes, this guy would be fun or when something is going to go further? Or does that take time to develop?

AK: I feel like when I first meet someone, I have a very good idea of, ‘Oh, yeah, here’s my vibe.’ Because I’m a personality girl as well, it’s not all about looks. If you have a really good personality, that’s so much more attractive to me than what you look like. So, if I meet someone and straight away, they’re the type of personality I like, which is like outgoing and confident and funny and you know kind of a little bit silly, then yeah, I’ll probably be hoping in the back of my head, that something will happen later or whatever.

SW: When it comes to getting down and dirty, do you prefer a big penis or your size queen?

AK: I feel like there’s like a size of like six to eight inches that I prefer. I think anything bigger than that is painful. And I think anything smaller than that, I mean, it’s not to say I wouldn’t sleep with someone again who has a small penis, but yeah, I probably would stay between that sort of arrange; six to eight, my happy medium.

SW: Have you been on a date or something with the guy where you’re vibing, and you guys are getting ready to do it, and he gets so excited that he pops before he enters you?

AK: Yeah. That has happened a few times.

SW: How do you handle that?

AK: I’m always really nice about it because it’s not something that they can control. And you know I’m a woman so that generally doesn’t really happen to us. So, I’m empathetic because I know that it’s like not in their control. And you know what? It’s flattering. I find it flattering that they got so excited and they were so in the moment that they finished a little bit too early.

I like building, you know, friendships and connections with people. It’s never just, ‘Oh, I’m going to sleep with this guy and then kick him out or whatever.’ The only time that does happen is if I’m not vibing with the guy or he’s giving me bad vibes after we’ve done the deed. And I think that I don’t want to see this guy again; in fact, I want him to get out of my house!

SW: And for you, is it oral sex, or is it all the way through, vaginal intercourse, the whole thing?

AK: Yeah, it’s oral, vaginal, all of it.


SW: Do you prefer that it go all the way, all the time, or have there been guys you’ve just given a blow job to?

AK: I’ve done both. You know, sometimes they just come over, and it is just a blowjob. Most of the time, though, it eventually leads to more than that, you know, the full nine yards. I personally prefer sex than just the blowjob, but I’m happy to give a blowjob.

SW: When it comes to sex, are you more dominant or more submissive?

AK: I feel like I can be both. It kind of depends on the other person; I kind of pick up what they’re putting down. If they’re a little bit more reserved and not as adventurous, then I’ll sort of step up and be the more dominant one. But if a guy prefers to be the dominant one, then I’ll be the submissive. So, it just depends.

SW: And did all this happen, your sexual adventuring, before the OnlyFans and your career, or did it happen during when it started?

AK: No, it probably started only a year ago. And it was definitely because of the OnlyFans.

Prior to the OnlyFans, I was always really, like I said, shy and introverted. So, I wasn’t the type of girl that would go out and pick up a guy on a night out or anything like that. But I think my confidence has increased as I’ve done OnlyFans; it’s really helped. And that’s sort of what got the ball rolling with my sexuality, essentially.

SW: Now that you have OnlyFans, do you find sex just a job for you, or do you still enjoy sex?

AK: I definitely still enjoy sex. I wouldn’t do OnlyFans if it ever interfered with my actual sex life or it got to a point where having sex was just work.

If there is a day that I ever stop enjoying sex, that’s when I’ll stop doing OnlyFans.

SW: At this point, do you think you can keep a normal relationship with somebody and still do the OnlyFans? Will they get jealous?

AK: I feel, you know, this year particularly, I’ve sort of been off dating seriously. But if I were to find a person that I really connected with, I would hope that they would be okay with me still doing OnlyFans. I would be respectful enough that I wouldn’t do any collabs with other men, and I obviously wouldn’t sleep with other men anymore. I’m very loyal in relationships, but I would hope that they would be okay with me still doing girl-on-girl content and that maybe they would want to join me in making the BG videos for OnlyFans as well.

SW: Mentioning girl-on-girl, do you have a look, a type of girl you are attracted to?

AK: Yeah. I mean, to be honest, it’s actually similar to the type that I like in men.


I like brunette girls with, you know, blue or green eyes, big lips, you know, a little bit curvy, and just fun. 

SW: And when it comes to the actual sex itself, do you like making love, or do you like having sex?

AK: I think both, but I don’t really make love with someone unless I’m in a relationship with them and I’m in love with them. It is very different, like having sex with one of my regulars, compared to having sex with someone that I’m in love with and in a relationship with.

SW: As a woman, what is it that gets you going when it comes to sex? Do you like your neck nibbled or your boobies played with it?

AK: Yeah, definitely, getting my neck nibbled and kissed. And when someone whispers in my ear, I love that.

SW: Do you like rough sex?

AK: Yes, sometimes, it depends. Sometimes, I like rough sex. Sometimes, I want to be more gentle, and I want it to be more passionate.

It just depends what mood I’m in for that day.

SW: Do you like having your hair pulled? AK: A little, not like really, hard. But yeah. And I like getting choked and stuff like that, but nothing too crazy. I’m not into BDSM, leathers, and chains kind of stuff.

SW: Do you like being spanked?

AK: No, that’s not for me.

SW: Dirty talk?

AK: Yeah, to an extent. Nothing too crazy. Okay.

SW: Let’s switch it up…tell me about your podcast. It’s called Double Dose, right?

AK: Yeah, double dose. Yeah. It’s me and my friend Taylor; Taylor also does OnlyFans. She’s been doing it now for about a year. We started chatting online about nine months ago and then met earlier in the year. And we were both getting lots of radio gigs. A lot of radio shows were having us go on to talk, and we said, ‘Oh my God, I love this so much. Like I could do this for a career.’ And that’s sort of when I proposed to Taylor that we should make a podcast of our own, where we get to have our own sort of radio show. She was like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it,’ So we got a producer, booked a studio, and we kind of just like went from 0 to 100 and decided to do a podcast. 

From the very beginning, we were both on the same page about what we wanted it to be about. We wanted it to be about twenty percent OnlyFans stuff, the remaining eighty just like all the other girl stuff we get into…relationships, sex, friendships, body image issues, anything that we go through as women. We wanted to be able to discuss all that on the podcast. And it’s great. We have guests on every second episode, and we basically just get to chat about things, and it’s really fun. I love it. 

SW: Is it live or prerecorded?

AK: It’s prerecorded.

SW: And is there a website for it? Is it just on YouTube?

AK: It’s on Spotify and Apple Music. On Spotify, it’s on video as well.

SW: You mentioned it was twenty percent about the OnlyFans and eighty percent your other girl stuff. Within the girl thing, do you talk about outside stuff other than adult stuff, like girls going shopping and all of that?

AK: Not exactly about going shopping. We talk about everything from how to give head to, you know, what it’s like growing up in a world that is so social media dominated.

Like being a 14-year-old and being exposed to the Victoria’s Secret runway and how that affects us, stuff like that. So, it’s like a lot of light, fun-hearted stuff, but we also do go into deeper, more serious issues like eating disorders and body image and all that kind of stuff as well. We wanted to make it quite a broad spectrum. We didn’t want it to be just an adult podcast. I feel like our targeted audience is from ages sixteen to thirty.

SW: You mentioned guests; who do you get on the show?

AK: So far, most of our guests have been OnlyFans creators just because they have really interesting stories, and they’re always fun to chat with. But we are looking for other creators or other guests who have different stories and sort of are away from the OnlyFans scene because we do want to make it broader rather than it be like an OnlyFans podcast.

SW: Is there a dream guest for you?

AK: I would love to have Anna Paul on the show. She’s a really famous Australian OnlyFans model, so she would be amazing.

SW: Would you shoot with her too, I guess, if you could?

AK: If I could, yeah. She doesn’t do collabs, but if she did, I would love that.

AW: And how many episodes of the podcast are available now on Spotify and all that?

AK: There’s four episodes out now. Yeah.

SW: I read you have a management company or something for other people’s OnlyFans accounts. Do I have that right? AK: Yeah, I have my own OnlyFans Management Agency where girls in the industry can reach out to me.

I offer a bunch of different services. So sometimes they just want to have an advice strategy, which is basically like a thirty-page tailored advice strategy that I present to them and then send to them later.

I do an audit of their OnlyFans and social media, give them a bunch of tips and marketing tips, as well as show them how they can promote their OnlyFans and take it to that next level.

Then I also offer management services, where I look after a girl’s account for them, schedule their content, and stuff like that so that all they have to worry about is taking the content.

SW: And from what you’ve seen so far, is there any one specific area where people need to work on more, like content or delivery or…

AK: I think there’s two things. I think organization is one. A lot of the girls that I’ve taken on, I’ve realized, are quite disorganized. Not meaning that, in a mean way, they don’t have content scheduled right, or at all. They just sort of do it day by day by day, but I’ve found that you should probably always have a month scheduled in advance. And then the other thing is working on their social media and bettering the way they promote themselves.

A lot of the time, they haven’t sort of found their niche or haven’t created a brand for themselves, which, you know, creating a brand for yourself is being able to put your personality out there, as we spoke about earlier. So, like a lot of the time, it’s just them putting up TikToks of thirst traps; them in like cute little skirts or a bikini or whatever. But, even though that’s great, it will only get you so far. So, if there’s any one piece of advice I could give to someone with an OnlyFans account, it would be to put your personality out there, put Tik Toks of yourself talking about something interesting about yourself, and be very consistent. You’ve got to be posting every single day across your social media. And the more consistent you are, even if you’re not seeing that traffic to your page yet, one day, all it takes is one viral video, and that’s where it all starts. 


SW: How long did it take you to pick up the business aspect of this? I mean, when you went in, you had to be naive and kind of not really know what it was about. But from what we just spoke about in this half hour, you seem like you picked it up pretty quickly.

AK: Yeah. I mean, when I first started three years ago, I had no idea. I didn’t know what I was doing. I kind of was just posting willy-nilly; maybe some months I would just post once, others I’d post three times. I was very inconsistent with it. But I still saw an income, and I wasn’t putting in a hundred percent.

So, I think the day I decided to put one hundred percent into my OnlyFans, that’s when I sort of started researching more and looking at other creators to see what they were doing and sort of playing around with the OnlyFans, trying things, a bit of trial and error.

But it’s interesting because there isn’t anyone who teaches you how to run your OnlyFans or anything like that. I created my management agency because I didn’t have that guidance when I first started. It took me two years to figure out what worked for me and how to make money. It wasn’t quick; it wasn’t easy.

SW: Did you have that viral video moment that you just mentioned where something came out and took off?

AK: Yeah, I’ve had it a few times. I feel like the thing that really picked up is I had an article written about me at the start of last year. It wasn’t anything to do with OnlyFans. But I think they might have mentioned it in the article, but I was on OnlyFans. And then that story went international. It just absolutely blew up, which just drew so many people to my site. And I feel like that was what really took me off.

SW: We touched on it earlier about being successful. Personality aside, when it comes to shooting sex material for OnlyFans, what you are saying it doesn’t seem that people have to do all the crazy stuff to be successful.

AK: No. No. Like I said, I did a lot of solo stuff to begin with, and I did that for a really long time.

SW: I’ve been in the adult business for 35 years. And when I came in, a beautiful hot woman like yourself having sex was it. It was cool, and it was great, and it was fabulous. And now the girls are doing double anal the first week in the business. This is just nuts.

AK: I think the difference between those people, and so, like, for me, I don’t do that stuff, and I never will. I do, you know, boy-girl collabs, girl-girl collabs, threesomes, that kind of thing. And yes, I do anal, yes, whatever, but not like a gang bang, not double penetration or anything like that. But I think the reason why I’m so successful from just doing what, you know, some people would say are generic videos, is, like I said, my personality. People really love me and want to get to know me, and they want to see me doing these things that I guess some people would classify as generic. Whereas these other girls that, yeah, the first week in the business, they’re wanting to do the double penetration or the really thick, girthy penis videos or whatever.

I think a lot of them sort of come from like a porn background, and they sort of want to tap into the more, I guess, commercial porn. And yeah, I think they’re doing those things because they’re not tapping into that personality. They think they have to do all these really crazy videos, and it needs to be something that no one else has done before to get people to subscribe and want to see their content, which isn’t necessarily the case.

SW: Do you have any interest in doing that?

AK: I don’t think so. No. I really like doing my OnlyFans, and I think I’m probably just going to stick to having an OnlyFans. I think if I was ever going to be on Pornhub or something like that, it would just be a teaser trailer for my OnlyFans. It wouldn’t be like a full sex tape I would put out there.

SW: Prior to starting your OnlyFans, had you had any preconceived notions about the adult entertainment industry?

AK: Yes, it’s very different from what I thought it was. It’s a lot more supportive, and the industry is obviously massive, but it’s also at the same time quite small. Somehow, everyone sort of knows each other. But the one thing that really shocked me is the amount of people in the OnlyFans industry that aren’t respectful and how small the pool of men is that are considered respectful, reputable people to collab with.

I kind of just assumed always that, like, if you’re going to do porn, you’re going to be a respectful person. You’re going to have to be if you want to work with multiple women. So that was something that really shocked me.

SW: Do you think that comes from a competitive angle?

AK: Yeah. I think it comes from people just being dishonest and wanting to sort of be sneaky and climb the ladder.

I’ve heard of male creators just being disrespectful, where some women creators that they collabed with requested that they not put their content on Twitter and that they keep it only on the OnlyFans. But these guys proceeded to post them having sex with the girl on their Twitter. So, stuff like that is the bad end of it, I feel.

SW: Is there an adult industry in Australia, or is it strictly just like the OnlyFans?

AK: I definitely think there’s like an adult industry within Australiabut it’s different to the one in America where it is a lot of mainstream porn and Brazers and Pornhub and all of that.

So I think, yeah, I think the adult industry here is a lot of escorting and, you know, live shows like Magic Mike and stripping and all of that stuff. And then obviously the OnlyFans industry, which I think is like the biggest part of the adult industry here.

SW: Do you stay in touch with any people from your old job, the one you got fired from, now that you’re doing OnlyFans? Are they cool about it not cool about it?

AK: I don’t keep in contact with anyone from any of my old jobs that were like corporate jobs. I do keep in touch with people from my jobs before that, like retail and hospitality and stuff. And they’re fine with what I do. I think the people that I worked with in the corporate jobs are a little bit more judgmental. And I don’t know what they would say about me doing OnlyFans, but I can’t imagine it would be anything good.

SW: Have you gone through your subscribers and maybe found somebody you used to work with that now subscribes to your stuff?

AK: No. Because obviously, a lot of it’s anonymous. They put in a different name that’s not them. So, I wouldn’t know. I would assume that, yes, probably some people that I’ve worked with have subscribed. But I have had people I know subscribe with their full names. And I’m always like, ‘Oh, no. Why did you put your full name? I don’t want to know who you are!’

SW: Have you had any people on social media bragged that they banged a famous OnlyFans person before she was famous?

AK: No, I haven’t had that, thankfully.

SW: Sex aside, how much different are you than what people see on OnlyFans? I say, sex aside, how much different are you from the person people see on camera? How much of this is an act?

AK: I think if we’re talking about the TikToks and the way I promote myself on TikTok, I think I come across as a little bit arrogant and up on myself and stuff, which I’m not. That is obviously me being dramatic because I know that that’s what gets views, and people find that interesting.

I would say that I’m a very humble person in real life, and I’m very sweet. And I’m a nice person. I’m not a mean person, which a lot of people think I am from online. But in terms of my OnlyFans videos, I feel like I’m quite authentic. I don’t like fake an orgasm and act that fake, over-the-top stuff. I feel like all the noises I make are very much me.

It’s me enjoying the moment.

I might come across as arrogant sometimes in my TikTok videos, and I know that. But yeah, I think in real life, I’m confident. In real life, I’m a confident woman, but I’m not arrogant. I’m definitely humble.

SW: Are you from Melbourne originally?

AK: Yes. I’m from Melbourne, but I live on Gold Coast now.

SW: The school system there, is it like in America? We have first to eighth grade and then four years of high school and college.

AK: Our first year of school is called prep. It’s basically like a little preschool. Like, you’re starting into school, an introduction into school. And then you’ve got grades one to six, which is primary school. And then you’ve got grades seven to twelve, which is high school.

Then, after that, you go to university.

SW: In fourth grade in primary, did you have a favorite subject?

AK: I loved maths; I still love maths.

SW: At that point, did you have any idea what you want to do with your life? I know you were really young, but…

AK: Yeah. I think I always had this notion that I was going to be a doctor or a brain surgeon or something like that. I always thought I was going to go down the medical path. When I left school, I went and did science and studied science for two years, thinking that I was going to go on and do medicine.

Of course, I had no idea this was going to be what I was going to do.

SW: In high school, were you a popular girl or a loner, geek, or nerd?

AK: I would say I was pretty popular. I had a lot of friends in school. I feel like I was the person in the E-level that kind of got along with everyone.

Like I said, in life, I’ve always been a person who just loves people’s personalities. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care what walk of life you come from. So, I kind of just got along with everyone. And yeah, I loved my school experience. It was fun.

SW: Were you popular with the boys?

AK: Actually, no. I was not popular with the boys. Firstly, I went to an all-girls Catholic private school. So, there were no boys at school, but there was our brother school, which was like an all-boys school. But I was never the one that the boys wanted. I was always kind of shy in school. So, I feel like, yeah, they always wanted to go for the more confident, outgoing girls.

SW: You are a pretty woman now. I would guess you were pretty attractive when you were in high school. Was there ever a point when you realized that you were attractive, or was it always just, you know, you said you had; I don’t want to say any confidence, but you didn’t have as much confidence as you have now?

AK: I mean, I always got told in school, you know, the mothers of the school would always be like, ‘You’re so beautiful. You’re such a pretty girl.’ They would always compliment my looks. But I think my insecurity back then sort of came from my personality. I was always really scared that people weren’t going to like who I was as a person. So that’s where my shyness came from and my insecurity. It was never about my looks. It was always about were people going to like me or maybe I should be quiet because that way people won’t get to judge me.

SW: Do they have a prom as we do in America? Did you go to your high school prom, and you dance and all that?

AK: We call it a formal.

SW: Did you go to yours?

AK: Yes.

SW: Did you have the whole evening like they do here and, I guess, have a happy ending, the whole bit?

AK: Yeah. It’s sort of like you dress up really nice in your formal dress, and then you bring your date with you and you to this massive place with all these tables. You sit down with your family and whatever. And yeah, there’s like dancing. I don’t know. I think it’s a little bit more casual than the American prom is. The American thing typically ends where the couple takes off and goes and does…what they do, ya know? We don’t do that.

We don’t have the whole prom king or queen or anything like that.

SW: Did you have one boyfriend in high school or more than one?

AK: No, I didn’t have any boyfriends in high school. I didn’t have a boyfriend until I turned nineteen.

SW: Was that on purpose, or were you just too shy?

AK: I feel like I was just too shy, but I also think I’m a very independent person. I’ve never liked the idea of relying on someone else. And I always wanted to wait until I found someone who sort of matched my energy.

SW: I was thinking because you went to a private Catholic school, maybe they put that thought of, wait till you get married and all that.

AK: No, trust me, it wasn’t like that at my school. There were plenty of girls doing the deed well before they turned sixteen.

SW: Did your parents ever give you the speech about the birds and the bees and sex and the whole bit?

AK: You know what? I don’t think so. My mum and I always had a really open relationship. But I don’t think she ever actually sat me down and said, ‘This is how it works.’ She always just sort of treated me, not as an adult, but like she always spoke to me as if I was an adult. She never sat me down and said, ‘Okay, so then the penis goes into the vagina,’ and spelled it out like that. But we also had Sex-Ed classes in school. So that’s where I learned most of the stuff I know about, or I knew about sex back then.

SW: After you finished high school, did you go to college? Get a job?

AK: With us, you finish high school, and then you kind of have a few options. You can either take a gap year, go travelling, or just try and figure out what you want to do, or you can just start university straight away the next year. You have to choose, obviously, what course you want to do and, I guess, what you want to do with the rest of your life, which, as an eighteen-year-old, seems a bit ridiculous to know what you want to do.

So, for me, I just went straight to university, did science for two years, and then had a gap year after that to try and figure out what I actually wanted to do. And then I went back and did marketing.

SW: Are your universities, I don’t want to say American universities, but are they a lot of fun and adventurous and all that crazy stuff that you see?

AK: No. Unfortunately, it’s nothing like America. I wish it was because the American college experience looks amazing.

I think it depends, though. You can do boarding at a college in Australia at a university, which is sort of probably more like the American experience. Still, it’s nowhere near as big as it is in America. And most people don’t do that. They just go to university for the day, do their classes, and come home. So, no, it’s not as fun.

SW: I guess the point I was getting at was you seem to be very sexually adventurous now. And I was trying to figure out if that had come from when you were in high school when you were in college, or how that came up.

AK: Neither, actually. I actually probably started after high school when I started having fun with boys and finding my confidence within myself and finding the confidence to flirt with boys and then go home with men and then all of that stuff. But I mean, yeah, I mean, at the end of the day, it was OnlyFans that really skyrocketed my confidence and really opened me up sexually, I suppose.


SW: When you started with boys, did you go all the way the first time, or did you have other sexual experiences before you had sex?

AK: No, it wasn’t like I went the first time, and I just had sex with a guy. There were things I did in between, like blow jobs, hand jobs, that kind of thing, before actually having sex with a guy.

SW: When you did it for the first time had sex, did you immediately become sexually active, or did you maybe wait before you did it again?

AK: Back then, it wasn’t like I was having sex all the time. I just had sex with a guy, and then the next time I found a guy that I liked, which might be six months later, I would sleep with him again.

My experiences were all over the place, depending on the person or the people. SW: Now, with your OnlyFans experience, do you consider yourself particularly good at any one sex act?

AK: I don’t know, actually. I feel like I’m good at boy-girl and girl-girl, although I feel like my strong suit is girl-girl. I love doing girl-girl videos. I think it’s fun being able to collab with someone of the same sex because you know what makes them happy and what feels good because of what I know feels good on me.

SW: When you do a girl-girl collab, are you in the mindset, ‘Well, I like being licked this way. So, she’s going to like being licked this way.’ Oh, do you just kind of feel it out?

AK: Yeah. I just feel it out. I mean, you know we’re all girls, but we are all different at the same time. So yeah, what works for me might not work for someone else.

SW: Only fans aside, do you like having sex in public?

AK: I like having sex in a place where you could get caught. I’m not going to go out onto a beach with people around me. But if I’m on a hiking trail where there might be someone who comes past, then yes, I do like that because it’s risky, it’s exciting. You’ve got the adrenaline pumping, and it’s just fun.

SW: So, is the excitement that you’re being watched or that you might get caught?

AK: We might get caught, I guess. Yeah.

SW: We have this thing in America called a badge bunny. Have you ever heard that term?

AK: No.

SW: What happens is you’re doing your thing in the back of your car, and a cop catches you. A policeman. A Badge Bunny works it out with the cop to let her go. Would that be something you would do?

AK: Yeah, maybe. Do they get away with it because they’re flirting with the police officer, or do they do something for the police officer?

SW: No, they don’t flirt. The Badge Bunny basically puts out for policeman. She doesn’t want to go to jail and the whole thing, so she figures I’ll do this, dude.

AR: No, I wouldn’t do that. Unless the police officer was really attractive, and I was like vibing with him. I would do it then because it was something that I wanted to do. But if he was not really my type, maybe older or whatever, I wouldn’t do it.

SW: Do you have a bucket list of places you want to have sex?

AR: I actually don’t. I don’t really have a bucket list. I kind of just if I’m somewhere and I’m like, ‘Oh, this could be fun,’ then I’ll just do it, I guess. But I haven’t really sat down and thought about dream places to have sex. I would like to have sex in an airplane toilet, actually. That’s one. Make it into the Mile High Club.

SW: Do you have celebrity crushes?

AR: Yes, I do. My celebrity crushes are Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie. I would love to see that three-way.

SW: So, if you could do a sex tape with Chris, would you do it? What do you imagine him doing to you?

AK: I’d definitely do that! If any opportunity to have sex with Chris came up, I’d jump at it. As for what could Chris could do to me? Honestly, he could do anything to me; whatever he wanted to do, I would be happy with.

SW: And you would do anything to him if you could?

AK: Yeah. Yeah. He’s so hot.

SW: And Margo, same thing, or would you instead prefer a three-way with the two of them, or would you rather do Chris on the one and Margo on the other?

AR: I would rather do it one at a time so I could really enjoy the one-on-one experience.

SW: With Margot, would you use a strap-on?

AR: No, I don’t love doing that. I feel like it’s so much better when it’s just the two girls really together, nothing in between them, ya know?

Using a couple of toys here and there can be fun, but it’s not really fun when you’re just using a strap-on because it’s so disconnected.

SW: Is there any part of this entire three-year journey you’ve done that really surprises you? Either you may have pushed yourself further than you thought you would, or…I don’t know anything.

AR: I feel like I really surprised myself when I started doing boy-girl collabs because I never thought that I would do that on camera.

Basically, I never thought that I would film myself having sex on camera. So, that really shocked me when I started doing that. But I’m really proud of myself, and I’m glad that I did start doing it because, yeah, like I said, it’s just opened me up so much sexually, and I love who I am now.

SW: On social media, what are your handles?

AR: My Instagram is Annie Knight. So it’s Annie K and then Night with the K as well. And then my TikTok is Annie Night. I’ve got three TikToks. But my main TikTok is Annie Night 78. And my Twitter is Annie KK Night. And then my OnlyFans is Annie Kate, 78.

SW: And do you find you have a different fan base on Instagram versus Twitter?

AK: Yeah, they’re very different. I feel like my fan base on Twitter is a lot more sexual, I guess. They’re coming to my Twitter because I post more risky photos there than I do on my Instagram.

And most of the people who follow me on Twitter then subscribe to my OnlyFans, whereas Instagram’s a little bit more tough, I guess.

SW: Sex aside, where do you see yourself going with this? Do you want to stay in this realm and maybe produce or manage, or do you see yourself doing mainstream stuff, doing something else?

AR: I see myself doing OnlyFans maybe for another two years or until I find that it’s just not giving me the pleasure that it used to. And then I want to really take on my OnlyFans Management Agency and do that full time and just put one-hundred and fifty percent into that and get more clients and maybe expand, hire some employees, do that kind of thing.

SW: For you, what is a typical day? Because I mean, I don’t know when you sleep, basically.

AR: I wake up at like 5:00 a.m., take my dog for a walk, go to the gym, come home, shower, obviously. That’s when I start my workday. So, the first two hours of the morning of work, I do my client work on my management agency. So, scheduling content and all of that stuff. And then once that’s done, it kind of depends on the day, but sometimes, if it’s a filming day, I’ll put my makeup on, block out two hours to film content for my OnlyFans, obviously, also for my social media. Then there’s taking photos for Twitter and Instagram and videos for TikTok and stuff like that. And then the afternoons are like when I know I can have some fun. So I’ll maybe invite one of my regulars over or some of my regulars over. Sometimes, I have a few over and space them out a little bit. And yeah, depending on who it is that I’ve got over, we might film a video, we might not. And then, once that’s all done, I log on to my OnlyFans and respond to messages for five hours straight from 5:00 p.m. And I do a lot of sexting with my subscribers, which is lots of fun. And then, yeah, I go to bed at like 11:00.

SW: Do you have maybe one regular that’s good at having sex with you this way and then one regular that’s good at maybe going down on you and one regular and so forth?

AR: Yeah, they definitely all have their different strong suits. Some are really good at going down on me, which you know is a great skill to have because not all men can do that well. Others, you know, if they’ve got a good length on them, it feels good to have normal vaginal sex. They might be a bit more creative with the positions that we do, which is lots of fun.

Yeah, they’ve all got their different strong suits, I guess.

SW: Do you ever have any women over, or is it just men?

AR: It’s mostly men. I’ve got a very specific type when it comes to women, so it is harder to find women that I want to be on my roster. But yeah, I feel like I have women over maybe once a week, whereas men are a lot more regular.

SW: Anything you want to say to all of your fans?

AR: Yes. Just that I love them, and I’m so grateful for the life that they’ve given me. And I feel so happy to have such an amazing fan base that is so supportive of me.

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