Beducated’s Julia Svirid Divulges the Mystic Marvels of the Kama Sutra

 Julia Svirid, the in-house sex coach at renowned online sex education resource Beducated, offers unique insights into the profound teachings of the ancient Kama Sutra – one of 100+ pleasure-based courses available now at
“When you hear ‘Kama Sutra’, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Most likely, the answer will be ‘sex positions’. And not just any sex positions, but really complicated, almost acrobatic ones. You wouldn’t be entirely wrong,” says Svirid.
“The Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian text, indeed contains a guide to various sex positions, some of which might seem like you need to stretch and curl yourself into a German pretzel to go into them, while others are fairly basic and easy.”

Svirid explains that while the Kama Sutra is undeniably famous for its explicit sex positions, “this is not the only knowledge it has to offer. The text also covers topics like intimacy, seduction, pleasure, love and family.

“Despite the fact that Kama Sutra was written around the 3rd or 4th century CE, it can still offer valuable insights into those areas of life. That’s why it is so much more than just a ‘sex book’ or ‘ancient pornography’, as it is often perceived by the Western world.

“The Kama Sutra teaches about the importance of pursuing pleasure (kama) but within the limits of ethical and moral duties (dharma). It emphasizes the importance for both partners to experience pleasure equally. Emotional connection and communication between partners are being discussed as important aspects of a fulfilling sex life.”

Svirid also offers up two tantalizing positions for beginners:

“The Teaspoons… one partner penetrates the other one from behind while both are standing on their knees. You might think, ‘Wait, that’s just doggy style, right?’ Well, not quite. The receiving partner does not lean forward but rather stays upright, allowing for their bodies to touch and for the penetrating partner to hold and touch the front of their body. It adds a twist of extra intimacy and sensations, thanks to more body-to-body contact and the possibility of caressing and kissing each other during penetration.

“The Side Rider…  the penetrating partner lies flat on their back, and the receiving partner sits on top, facing to the side with their feet positioned next to the side of the hips or torso. This position allows for the receiving partner to have more control over the movement. The penetrating partner can enjoy a new, full-body view of their partner. Thanks to its simplicity, beginners can enjoy this position without extra hassle.”
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