DOWNFALL OF GAIA: Silhouettes Of Disgust Full-Length Out TODAY On Metal Blade Records

 “While Bloodsprings Become Rivers” Visualizer Revealed
Photo by David Stöcklin
Germany’s DOWNFALL OF GAIA today unleashes their sixth studio album, Silhouettes Of Disgust, via Metal Blade Records!
DOWNFALL OF GAIA is a dark wall, moving forward relentlessly, enveloping the listener, absorbing one’s spirit to take one into the realm of the band’s potent sound. Progressing in part by looking backwards and returning to familiar territory Silhouettes Of Disgust delivers a dynamic and textured blend of crust punk and post-black metal doused in atmospheric elements, taking everything that ever made the band compelling and pushing it in new and gripping directions. The record includes the return of guitarist Peter Wolff, who left the band in 2015 to focus on family and other pursuits. They’ve also expanded their sonic palette with the addition of synths for the first time, and female vocals courtesy of Lulu Black, who collaborates with drummer Michael Kadnar in industrial/gothic project This Is Oblivion.
Coinciding with the release of Silhouettes Of Disgust, DOWNFALL OF GAIA today unveils a visualizer for the track “While Bloodsprings Become Rivers.”
Elaborates vocalist/guitarist Dominik Goncalves dos Reis, “Dreams and goals are not equally achievable for everyone. Ever-growing class differences within society have become a major problem that has received far too little attention. Social injustice continues to reach new heights, and everyday life is becoming increasingly difficult for many to cope with.”
View the band’s previously released video for “Bodies As Driftwood” atTHIS LOCATION, a companion drum playthrough for the track atTHIS LOCATION, and a visualizer for “Existence Of Awe” atTHIS LOCATION.
Silhouettes Of Disgust is out now on CD, LP, and digitally. Preview and purchase the record
The title Silhouettes Of Disgust is derived from the narratives driving the songs contained within, focusing on the stories of eight different people, as residents of a fictional metropolis, each with their own worries and struggles. “Loneliness, addiction, the fear of tomorrow, pressure from society/work and others, things that many of us probably know all too well,” explains Goncalves dos Reis. “You have to play along somehow, or you fall through the cracks, and once you’re down, it’s hard to get back up. It looks at selfishness and ignorance, the general way of dealing with each other – you’re one, surrounded by millions, surrounded by all these silhouettes of disgust, surrounded by the things you want to avoid and hate. The last few years have impressively proven what you can expect from humanity, and honestly, it’s not much.”
DOWNFALL OF GAIA will return to the stage next month on a short run of European live dates celebrating the release of Silhouettes Of Disgust. The tour kicks off on April 11th in Munich, Germany and runs through April 23rd in Berlin, Germany. The band will be joined by Implore and Deathrite on select shows. See all confirmed dates below.
4/11/2023 Backstage – Munich, DE
4/12/2023 Jugendhaus West – Stuttgart, DE
4/13/2023 Bandhaus – Leipzig, DE
4/14/2023 Underdogs – Prague, CZ
4/15/2023 Zollkantine – Bremen, DE
w/ Deathrite:
4/19/2023 Pul – Uden, NL
4/20/2023 Rockpalast – Bochum, DE
4/21/2023 Substanz – Osnabrück, DE
4/22/2023 Headcrash – Hamburg, DE
4/23/2023 Cassiopeia – Berlin, DE
“DOWNFALL OF GAIA paints a bleak yet enticing portrait on their new record; their crust-tinged post-black metal keeps the momentum up even as it reaches new emotional lows.” – Invisible Oranges
“There’s always been something almost ‘post-apocalyptic’ about DOWNFALL OF GAIA’s particularly poignant brand of ‘post-black metal’ and that remains the case throughout Silhouettes Of Disgust. But it’s not the action-packed apocalypse of mutants and muscle cars of Mad Max, or the grim, trudging march towards the grave of something like The Walking Dead. It’s a quieter, more contemplative cataclysm – closer, perhaps, to current media darling The Last Of Us in its focus on loss and regret and the need to find moments of humanity even as the world around us falls apart.” – No Clean Singing
“A cinematic songwriting masterclass, Silhouettes of Disgust is a work by a band who is firing on all cylinders with no intention to let up. Uncompromising, intricate, and meaningful, DOWNFALL OF GAIA are an unstoppable force.” – Dead Rhetoric
“…a compelling and engaging listen.” – Heavy Music Headquarters
“It has a full, heavy sound with majestic qualities. The riffs build in layers, and the vocals are absolutely horrid. Around the half-way mark, the sound drops to just thick bass notes, and depression sets in…” – Metal Temple
“…It’s tightly written. Urgent and abrasive in places (‘Final Vows’), melancholic and contemplative in others (‘Eyes To Burning Skies’ and closer, ‘Optograms Of Disgust’), no track is one dimensional, each fluidly transitioning between the different aspects of DOWNFALL OF GAIA’s sound…” – Angry Metal Guy
“Silhouettes of Disgust is the perfect example of ‘all killer, no filler’. It pulls you immediately into the mosh pit and bashes you around relentlessly, but you come out of it feeling like you made some new friends. It’s a joyfully engaging listen, and one that ensures that I will now be looking forward to what comes next from this band.” – Nine Circles
“DOWNFALL OF GAIA always have been an inventive and thought-provoking band, yet Silhouettes Of Disgust takes that even further than before… This is volcanic, emotional, and dreamy, an experience that aligns with our chaotic world and tries to find sense within the carnage.” – Meat Mead Metal
“DOWNFALL OF GAIA have truly surpassed themselves with an absolutely stunning effort. Along with a more succinct approach to the song writing, there are new additions such as synths and female guest vocals courtesy of Lulu Black. Old fans will cry happy tears and new fans will arrive in droves.” – Metal Mance
“…a characteristically despondent effort that perfectly sums up the world state right now. Largely harrowing, but with enough moments of hope breaking through.” – Ghost Cult
Dominik Goncalves dos Reis – vocals, guitars
Peter Wolff – guitars, vocals
Anton Lisovoj – bass, vocals
Michael Kadnar – drums


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