Jay Moyes of High Octane Heart Interviewed on Adult Site Broker Talk

Jay Moyes, owner of High Octane Heart Media and PR was recently a guest on Adult Site Broker Talk, hosted by Bruce Friedman.

Moyes worked for adult news publications such as The Spectator and Adult Video News, before moving into the publicity business with Sherry Ziegelmeyer of Black and Blue Media. Ziegelmeyer passed away in 2020, prompting Moyes to make a fresh start with High Octane Heart Media and PR. Moyes was on the show to discuss how the adult business has changed, what it’s like working with the adult press, and important things to know about publicity.

Friedman joked about how hard it was to get Moyes on the air, and got some solid advice about PR reps.

“When a publicist is getting more attention than the client, that’s a red flag,” Moyes commented. “My clients, like The Dungeon Store came first… I can wait.”

Also of concern for the veteran publicist was coming back into the spotlight after the closing of Black and Blue Media.

“This was like stripping a car down to the bare frame,” noted Moyes about starting over. “It wasn’t the intended metaphor for High Octane Heart, but I wasn’t going to be pushing my business if I couldn’t even race in the game.”

Moyes gave more tips on publicity, mainstream crossover, the relationship of publicity with marketing and surviving in the adult business.

“You have to be ready to learn new tech and new media. I do graphics, because I started from the art department side, but I’ve also had to do some video editing, I’ve done coding. We’ve been waiting for 3D to catch fire, virtual has come in… It’s just a matter of when that becomes the only thing…When you’re the publicist, you’re always hustling for the client. It’s not a don’t call us, we’ll call you kind of game.”

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You can find the interview with Jay Moyes and listen to more industry professionals like Roger T. Pipe, and Kim Airs talk about the business on Adult Site Broker Talk now at https://adultsitebrokertalk.com.




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