Nü Metal Upstart CINNAMON BABE Shares New Single “Bad Dog” + Video

Debut EP ‘Fatherless’ – Out August 25th

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After taking the heavy music world by storm last year on the strength of singles like “Rock N Roll Is Black” and “Loose”, CINNAMON BABE is back with new music!

The solo project of model/actress Stormi Maya, CB returned with her first new track in over half a year with last month’s “Typecast” release. Proving her impact on the scene, “Typecast” was quickly added to streaming playlists like “New Blood” and “Heavy Queens” along with making her debut on SiriusXM as part of last week’s Octane Test Drive.

Today, CINNAMON BABE has dropped the second single off her upcoming debut EP – fans can check out the official music video for “Bad Dog” via the link below.

Speaking about the new song, Stormi Mays shares:

“The reason I made ‘Bad Dog’ is because I feel like, as women, we are expected to be well behaved, docile, and compliant in order to be accepted in society. Society does not seem to like women who are very loud and vocalize the things they have an issue with, especially as a black woman. I feel constantly silenced by society and when I speak up, I am called bitter or that I have a chip on my shoulder. I am constantly told by men to just be quiet and show my tits and look pretty. And I am constantly called a bitch for putting my foot down and setting boundaries. So, another way of calling me a bitch is by saying ‘Bad Dog’, i.e. I am a bad bitch. The world likes women that are well behaved, and I feel like because I express myself, don’t take shit, and use my sexuality to my advantage – I am the opposite of that.”

Commenting on her other recent single, “Typecast”, Maya states:

“I have felt ‘Typecast’ in real life. I started stripping/nude modeling/fetish work at a young age and I branded myself heavily in that light. At the time, it was offered to me and helped me make money and escape my foster care reality. I never knew that it would silence me for years to come.

“As I dove deeper into branding myself as a sex icon, it became more difficult to speak on issues that affected me and the world around me. I have always been vocal about race, gender, and sexuality issues, but that part of who I am has almost always been ignored. My voice has ignored for most of my life.”

CINNAMON BABE’s debut EP, ‘Fatherless’, will be released on August 25, 2023. Stay tuned for more details!

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“CINNAMON BABE is letting everyone know where she stands

at the crossroads of rock and race.”

— Loudwire

“On the incendiary single ‘Rock And Roll Is Black’ —

Influenced by Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Take The Power Back’,

she rails against the gatekeeping of metal from its black originators.”

— Metal Hammer

“For Stormi, CINNAMON BABE is a labor of love, an expression of anguish and strength born out of a difficult upbringing and a devotion to alternative music.” – Metal Sucks

“That anyone questions the black roots of rock in this day and age

is frankly flabbergasting but, again, it probably shouldn’t be.

Hopefully, the likes of Maya can educate a few people.” — Idobi Radio

Watch CINNAMON BABE’s previous videos here:


“Rock ‘n’ Roll is Black”


“Pure O”

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