RONNIE ATKINS Set for Release New Album ‘Trinity’ on October 13th


‘Trinity’ Track List

1. Trinity

2. Ode to a Madman

3. Paper Tiger

4. Soul Divine

5. Via Dolorosa

6. Godless

7. Shine

8. If You Can Dream It

9. Sister Sinister

10. Raining Fire

11. The Unwanted

12. What If

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New Video for Title Track Out Today!

Famed and recognized Danish hard rock singer/songwriter RONNIE ATKINS (of Pretty Maids) has announced the upcoming release of his third studio album, ‘Trinity’, on October 13, 2023.

The first single from the album is the title track and it is out today accompanied by a music video.


“I think the album might have turned out a bit heavier than the previous ones, since most of the songs were written on guitar this time around, but above all it’s still very melodic,” says ATKINS about ‘Trinity’. “Lyrically it’s pretty much about what’s going on in the world today and that’s what inspires me. A lot of the songs are pretty personal too and I’m trying to squeeze in a bit of optimism into it as well.”

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Since RONNIE ATKINS was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in 2019, he has not lost a second of his precious time which was spent composing and recording two very successful releases – ‘Make it Count’ and his debut album, ‘One Shot’ – both very much acclaimed by critics and fans alike. He has also recently resumed live shows in Europe with his own band and with the Avantasia project all over the world.

“I guess I have a different perspective on life these days than I had 4 years ago, and I embrace everyday with all that goes with it,” says RONNIE, “Let me add to this that writing songs and performing on stage is what keeps me going, I guess. I like to focus on the positive aspects of life and indulge myself in things that I really wanna do by heart.”


A winning team should not be changed, so once again the album was produced by Chris Laney with Jacob Hansen taking care of the mix and the mastering.


“To me a good song is a good hook / topline and that’s pretty much what paves the way for the end result,” concludes ATKINS, explaining “it’s a damn good solid melodic hard rock album. I’m very happy about the final result. I hope the fans will embrace the new album and that I’ll be able to take these songs on the road throughout 2024. That’s my plan!”

Since the start of his rock‘n roll journey with Pretty Maids, RONNIE ATKINS has consistently gifted fans with quality, melodic rock and ‘Trinity’ delivers again, in spades!


A string of live dates has already been announced for the Fall of 2023, see dates below.

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November 3  Helsingborg (S)  Tivoli

November 4  Linnköping (S)  Palasset

November 9  Copenhagen (DK)  Amager Bio

November 10  Hamburg (D)  Fabrik


Ronnie Atkins- Lead and Backing vocals.

Chris Laney- Guitars and Keyboards

Pontus Egberg- Bass

Allan Sörensen- Drums

Marcus Sunesson – Guitars

Linnéa Vikström Egg – Backing Vocals

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