JULY 6, 2023
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Saint Agnes have released an emotional live video for their poignant new single “This Is Not The End,” a tribute to Kitty A. Austen‘s grief for her late mother. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album Bloodsuckers, out July 21 via Spinefarm. Stream the single and pre-order Bloodsuckers here.

Check out the video for “This Is Not The End” here.

“I really wanted to write a song directly about my grief to have on the album, but it was just too difficult for the longest time,” says Austen. “I was so raw and broken that I struggled to put myself in the place I needed to be in to get it done. But I did get there. The song was written and recorded as the very last thing on the album at the eleventh hour. It’s a tribute to my mother and the depth of my love for her. Then for the video we recorded a live piano version of the song at Rockfield Studios, it was a very vulnerable but special moment for us as a band.”

Saint Agnes recently announced a UK headline tour, which follows their sold-out headline show at The Black Heart in Camden, a European tour with Monster Magnet, a show supporting Employed To Serve, and an appearance at 2000trees. Find all dates and tickets here.

Hailing from the UK, Saint Agnes are all about honest lyrics, intense vocal performances, plus rage-fueled music intended to give a voice to those closer to the fringe than the center. As much gang as band, Saint Agnes seek to empower those who’ve been battered and bruised yet refuse to lie down, and it’s a thread that runs deep within Bloodsuckers — SA’s first album for Spinefarm and the follow-up to 2019’s Welcome To Silvertown, issued on the band’s own label.In addition to … Silvertown, Saint Agnes have released a number of singles, videos, and EPs, embarked on headline tours in both the UK and Europe, and appeared at a host of festivals, including Download, 2000trees, Isle of Wight, and Kendal Calling.Saint Agnes are also making big waves in the gaming world, with the release of Dead Island 2 last month. The game, which features the Saint Agnes song “And They All Fall Down” has sold over two million copies.

One thing’s for sure, it’s got nothing to do with rule-books or playing it safe…From the title track onwards, Bloodsuckers is a genre-jumping body of work, taking in elements of metal, punk, industrial, and grunge, without being bound by any specific style; the 11 tracks here come straight from the source, largely self-produced and mixed (NIN collaborator Sean Bevan lends his mixing and production skills to “Follow You”), and this self-contained approach provides an extra emotional weight throughout, with doom trap provocateur and Kerrang! cover artist Mimi Barks further fuelling the chaos on the short, sharp shock that is “Body Bag.”

Created in the months following the unexpected and untimely death of Kitty’s mother, Bloodsuckers explores a number of themes, including mental illness, pent-up rage, undying love and, of course, grief; from the trash-metal howl into the night that is “Bloodsuckers” right through to broken ballad, “This Is Not The End,” a poignant reflection of Kitty’s still-raw emotions, this is a call to outsiders everywhere…

Concludes Kitty, “Creating this album gave me a reason to get to my feet at a time when I really wasn’t sure if I could. I’ve tried to put everything I’ve been feeling into it, all the pain, the rage, the grief, even the unexpected moments of beauty and belief. I hope it makes you feel less alone. I hope it makes you feel bigger, badder, and stronger. We might be damaged but that doesn’t mean we’re worthless. This is a record for the defeated, the crushed. We might be broken but that doesn’t mean we’re not whole. Bloodsuckers forever, Saint Agnes forever.”

Kitty A. Austen — Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Jon James Tufnell — Guitar, Vox, Bass
Andrew Head — Drums
Ryan Brown — Bass

“I Mean Nothing To You”
“This Is Not The End”
“Follow You”
“I Am”
“At War With Myself”
“Middle Finger”
“Body Bag” (Feat. Mimi Barks)
“Forever And Ever”


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