SANDRIDER: The Obelisk Premieres “Circles” Video From Seattle Loud Rock Trio; Enveletration Full-Length Out Now On Satanik Royalty Records

Photo by John Malley
Seattle loud rock trio SANDRIDER today presents their video for “Circles.” Now playing at The Obelisk, the track comes off their latest full-length, Enveletration, released in March via Satanik Royalty Records.
Writes The Obelisk in part, “I hate to tie anything to the pandemic or even think about it at this point, but even in comparison to 2018’s Armada, Enveletration sounds like it’s making a break for it. Freedom and revelry. American heavy punk rock. Caustic sometimes, unafraid to be pretty, driven rhythmically as if by a motor. And as they suggest, maybe part of that comes from being cooped up. SANDRIDER don’t sound like the kids who sat still, and in these songs — as recorded by the esteemed Matt Bayles, who’s helmed all SANDRIDER’s LPs — the sense of ‘play’ is palpable… the end result is fueled as much by joy as aggression, if not more, and hearing that a long half-decade after their last album and three years post-lockdown trauma, it’s genuinely refreshing in a way heavy music can’t always be…”
View the band’s previously released video for “Enveletration” HERE and “Alia” HERE.
Recorded at Litho Studios in Seattle by Matt Bayles (Soundgarden, Mastodon, Botch), Enveletration proves that SANDRIDER’s adrenaline-charged fun and unconquerable spirit is yet again a sonic refuge where you’re temporarily invincible. Across its ten tracks, the record captures the utter relief SANDRIDER – guitarist/vocalist Jon Weisnewski (Akimbo, Nuclear Dudes), bassist Jesse Roberts (The Ruby Doe, Kid Congo Powers, Old Iron), and drummer Nat Damm (Akimbo, Head Like A Kite, Automaton, Tight Bros From Way Back When) – felt when returning to the practice space for the first time after a year of early-pandemic isolation and anxiety. The experience of waking their stacks of amplifiers from their dormancy, feeling the drums rattle their chests and the bass vibrate through the floor, and reveling in the indescribably euphoric return to writing music together in person is palpable. The end result is a nod to Seattle heavy-rock forefathers Soundgarden with their “break my rusty cage and run” attitude, mixed with the unrelenting, stage dive-off-the-bar energy of Refused and noisy noodling of Hot Snakes.
Enveletration is out now on Satanik Royalty Records on vinyl and digital formats. Find ordering options at THIS LOCATION.
“Enveletration is a wonder to be explored, engaged with, and appreciated; a miracle of the everyday that doesn’t come along every day.” – The Obelisk
“Enveletration is just the top shelf of loud rock just as ready for the stereo as it is for the stage. Not a single song dips below greatness, and even when things are a bit softer and slower, there’s a constant propulsion forward, a progression that’s undeniably infectious and invigorating… Enveletration is a signal of triumph, of victory indeed, and a reminder that sometimes simplicity carries the most value.” – Everything Is Noise
“…if you want some grungy, noisy, and catchy, loud rock filled with memorable riffs, then look no further. Enveletration is a triumphant display of rock mastery that will not only get you to bang your head and pump your fists, but also put a smile on your face. It will make you feel like you can take on the world, which isn’t an easy feat, given the state of the world right now. In fact, it’s one of the best loud rock records this year.” – New Noise Magazine
“Enveletration is an album that’s brimming with action packed, grooves and meaty riffs that allows SANDRIDER to create highly original sounds of their own. The album benefits from first rate production values that gives the band a more compelling sound compared to their previous albums with Enveletration becoming an essential album to listen to, fully explore and add to your own record collection. Simply unmissable…” – Outlaws Of The Sun
“Seattle will always be known as the home of a number of really amazing rock bands, and with Enveletration, SANDRIDER is keeping Seattle’s flame alive. If your tastes fall anywhere between Mastodon and Fugazi, you’re going to find a lot to love on Enveletration.” – Metal Epidemic
“…a celebration from start to finish with equal parts old school Baroness, Unsane, early At The Drive-In, and ASG somewhere in the mix as well as a whole lotta heft, heaviness, and heart.” – Rock And Roll Fables
“To say Enveletration is a dizzying display of heavy, noisy rock would be an understatement. Enveletration is again produced by the band’s longtime producer, the inimitable Matt Bayles, and as with their previous records, it sounds absolutely fantastic as all of the instrumentation is crisp, loud and clear in the mix.” – The Sleeping Shaman
Nat Damm – drums
Jesse Roberts – bass, vocals
Jon Weisnewski – guitar, vocals


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