Siri Dahl is the Third Wheel in Compelling New Scene from Pure Taboo  

Siri Dahl stretches her dramatic acting chops in a powerful new scene from Pure Taboo, Third Wheel, available May 4 at and on the streaming platform.
The star takes on the role of Elizabeth, whose unsuccessful attempts to start a family with her wife Terri (Lena Paul) are taking a financial and emotional toll on their relationship. Enter Terri’s old friend Jordan (Troy Francisco), who is willing to help out as a sperm donor – no strings attached – but is there more to this ‘arrangement’ than Elizabeth realizes?
“I love the Pure Taboo brand and have so much respect for the film’s amazing director, Bree Mills, the production crew and of course my talented co-stars Lena and Troy,” said Dahl. “This scene gave me the opportunity to challenge myself as an actress as well as a performer, and I hope fans enjoy watching Third Wheel as much as I enjoyed making it!”
Dahl is currently self-booking her film and print assignments, and directors, producers and content creators can reach her directly via DM on her personal Twitter or email to discuss production requests and rates.
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