Universal Studios Japan Celebrating 20 Years With a Wild ‘Jaws’-Themed Hot Dog Creation

The Universal Studios Japan theme park officially opened to the public in March 2001, which means this month marks the 20-year anniversary of Osaka’s tourist attraction. Worth noting for horror fans, Universal Japan has a still-operational ride based on Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, a legendary attraction that unfortunately closed up shop in Orlando many years back.

Horror fans in Japan will soon be able to not only ride the Jaws ride at Universal Studios, but they’ll also be able to feast on a special anniversary treat dubbed the “Jaws Dog“!

Revealed by WDW News Today, Universal Studios Japan is celebrating the park’s 20-year anniversary with a brand new menu of movie-themed snacks that will be unleashed in the park later this month, including the aforementioned “Jaws Dog.” It looks to be a big ole hot dog wrapped up in a handheld, shark-shaped bun, essentially making it a Jaws corndog of sorts.

The 20th anniversary celebration is being dubbed “No Limit!” and other movie-themed treats that will be available include Backdraft-themed turkey legs, an E.T.-themed chocolate crunch sundae, and a Terminator-inspired beef bun. Head over to WDW News to see the full menu!

Story courtesy of:  https://bloody-disgusting.com/


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