LALU Announce New Album ‘The Fish Who Wanted to Be King’ Set for Release on October 20th



Announce New Album

‘The Fish Who Wanted to Be King’

Set for Release on October 20th

Pre-Order HERE

New Single, “Is That a London Number”,

+ Video Out Today! — Watch HERE

European “One Knight Only” Tour

with Singer Damian Wilson

Set to Launch October 31st in Verviers, Belgium

LALU has announced the upcoming release of their fourth album, ‘The Fish Who Wanted to Be kiing’, on October 20, 2023. The first single from the album, “Is That A London Number,” is out today along with a music video.

LALU will be accompanying singer Damian Wilson on his “One Knight Only” European Tour, a celebration of his 30-year career as a frontman. During the tour, the band will revisit songs from Wilson’s time with LALU and other bands such as Ayreon, Landmarq, Threshold, and many more.

Watch “Is That a London Number” HERE
“I never make the same album twice, let alone the same song twice,” explains keyboardist/founder Vivien Lalu. “With this latest project, I wanted to approach things differently, adopting a process that mirrored the dynamics of a band. Taking a seat behind my synthesizers, and occasionally a piano, I began recording my ideas while playing basic drum patterns on the keyboard. These initial recordings served as a blueprint for the songs. I would then share these initial drafts with my long-time collaborator of 20 years, Joop Wolters, who skillfully crafted the guitar and bass parts. Our collaborative approach fostered a sense of freshness and adaptability throughout the process. We had the freedom to trim or expand sections as we felt necessary, allowing each member to express their creativity to the fullest. The ultimate aim was to grant everyone involved complete artistic freedom in their respective roles.

“This approach fostered a sense of unity and cohesiveness. By embracing this collaborative process, we achieved a sound that—in my humble opinion —truly reflected the collective efforts and artistic contributions of each musician. It was an opportunity for everyone to shine and bring their unique talents to the forefront.”


As singer and lyricist Damian Wilson continues, “‘The Fish Who Wanted to Be King’ is an album concept that draws inspiration from the spirit of the original pioneers of Dada, who vehemently opposed war and ridiculed the power structure of the time. It challenges conventional notions and delves into the realms of hierarchy, accountability, and adaptability.

“Continuing the narrative from the previous LALU album, ‘Paint the Sky’, this album delves deeper into the utopian aspirations of its travelers. However, their pursuit takes an unexpected turn as they encounter ‘The Blockchain’, a digital platform of absolute transparency and accountability. Within this realm, every aspect is meticulously defined, and any deviation swiftly flagged. Unbeknownst to the travelers, the very survival skills that once propelled them forward are now turned against them, leading to manipulation, entrapment and eventual destruction fueled by their own fears.

“‘The Fish Who Wanted to Be King’ serves as a poignant reminder of our collective dependence on adaptability and the ever-evolving nature of our existence. As we reflect on the past to gather wisdom, it is the exploration of uncharted territories and the wonders of our own minds that hold the key to unlocking our future.”

Pre-Order ‘The Fish Who Wanted to Be King’ HERE

‘The Fish Who Wanted to Be King’ Track List:

1. Forever Digital

2. The Fish Who Wanted To Be King

3. Deoxyribonucleic Acid

4. Is That A London Number

5. Amnesia 1916

6. A Reversal Of Fortune

7. The Wondering Kind

LALU is a musical project originally founded in 2004 by the French composer and producer Vivien Lalu, son of Noelle and Michel Lalu (members of the ‘70s French progressive act Polène). ‘The Fish Who Wanted to Be King’ is the second album released under the partnership between Vivien and Frontiers, and fourth album overall from the band, and is creatively and production-wise a major step forward if compared to the previous releases.

Musically, this album sees a contemporary approach to a progressive rock thread which was mostly developed during the ’80s and that now has developed also after the explosion of progressive metal. With a line-up that now is stronger and more cohesive that ever, again with singer Damian Wilson (ex-Threshold and regular collaborator of Arjen Lucassen), Joop Wolters on guitar and bass, Jelly Cardarelli on drums and sharing keyboard duties with Matt Daniel, Vivien Lalu and friends have managed to create a fabulous final product that combines intricate melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and awe-inspiring performances.

Technically flawless, and emotionally touching ‘The Fish Who Wanted to Be King’ has a story to tell and asks to be enjoyed quietly and with love from passionate listeners!

Check out LALU at any of the following tour stops with Damian Wilson:

Tues 10/31  Verviers, BE  Spirit of 66

Wed 11/1  Bonn, DE  Harmonie

Thu 11/2  Aschaffenburg, DE  Colos-Saal

Fri 11/3  Weert, NL  De Bosuil

Sat 11/4  Zoetermeer, NL  De Boerderij

Sun 11/5  Drachten, NL  Poppodium Iduna

LALU are:

Damian Wilson – Vocals

Joop Wolters – Guitars, Bass

Vivien Lalu – Keyboards

Jelly Cardarelli – Drums

Matt Daniel – Keyboards, Hammond Organ, Piano

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